Turkey to join South Africa in its genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice

05/03/2024 // Richard Brown // 480 Views

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Turkey has expressed its desire to join South Africa as a plaintiff in the African nation's genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).The move follows previous efforts by Turkey to pressure Israel into agreeing to a ceasefire during the conflict, including imposing restrictions on economic activity between Tel Aviv and Ankara.
During his televised remarks, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan highlighted the meticulous examination by Turkey's legal experts on how to participate in the ICJ case against Israel.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's approval of the plan signals Turkey's readiness to provide legal backing to South Africa's case and submit its application to the court promptly. Turkish involvement hopes to add significant weight to the collective pursuit to stop Israel's ongoing genocide. It also aligns with efforts by other nations like Nicaragua and Colombia against Israel. (Related: Turkey files lawsuit against Netanyahu, accusing him and Israel of committing "genocide" in Gaza.)
Furthermore, Turkey's engagement with members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation indicates broader support within the Muslim world for addressing the Gaza crisis through legal channels.
This announcement follows Erdogan's recent meeting with a Hamas delegation, where he condemned Israel's actions, emphasizing Turkey's stance on defending the rights of Palestinians.
In addition to diplomatic efforts, Turkey has been actively involved in providing humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Turkey planning participation in ICJ case for months

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Indonesian counterpart in Ankara, Fidan stated: "I would like to announce, for the first time, that Turkey has decided to join the case filed by South Africa against Israel in the International Court of Justice.”
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“We will submit our formal application to the ICJ once we finalize the legal text, putting this political decision into action,” he added.
Under Article 63 of the Statute of the ICJ, parties have the right to intervene in the proceedings. Earlier in April, Colombia and Nicaragua formally applied to the ICJ to intervene in the case.
Fidan revealed that Turkey has been collaborating with regional and other countries supportive of Palestinian statehood to encourage them to join the case. He refrained from disclosing whether the decision was discussed with foreign counterparts but reiterated Turkey's commitment to standing by Palestine on all issues.
South Africa alleges that Israel's actions violate the 1948 UN Genocide Convention. In a recent BBC interview, Joan Donoghue, former head of the International Court of Justice, stated that the court found a risk of irreparable harm to the Palestinian right to be protected from genocide and ruled in favor of South Africa's right to bring the case.
Fidan noted that Turkey had been planning this move for months, coinciding with intensified actions to increase pressure on Israel after the ruling Justice and Development Party faced setbacks in nationwide local elections.
Opposition parties criticized the government's perceived lack of support for Gaza Palestinians during the campaign, with the New Welfare Party emphasizing "stop trade with Israel" as one of its slogans.
In response, the Turkish government implemented trade restrictions on numerous product groups in its trade with Israel in April.
Watch this clip of a family in Gaza receiving a food aid parcel from Turkey.

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