'Knock It Off': U.S. Hacker Takes Over Russian Gov't Website

Oct 24, 2016 // 7:48am As seen on Fox & Friends

An American hacker - who goes by the name "The Jester" - defaced a Russian government website in retaliation for cyberattacks on U.S. targets.

On Friday, the Jester left a message on the of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website: "Knock it off."

“Comrades! We interrupt regular scheduled Russian Foreign Affairs Website programming to bring you the following important message,” the Jester wrote. “Knock it off. You may be able to push around nations around you, but this is America. Nobody is impressed.”

MID.ru is the official website of the Russian agency that is the equivalent to the U.S. Department of State.

In an interview with CNNMoney this weekend, the Jester said he chose to attack Russia out of frustration for the massive cyberattack that knocked out a portion of the internet in the U.S. on Friday.

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