UK man faces more than a year behind bars for using Facebook ‘to express his hatred for Muslims’

Posted at 10:48 pm on June 21, 2017 by Brett T.

As Twitchy reported, London was shocked by another apparent terror attack Sunday night when a van ran into a crowd of pedestrians outside of the mosque at Finsbury Park, killing one.

Darren Osborne was arrested and held on suspicion of the commission, preparation, and instigation of terrorism, attempted murder, and murder following the incident, but his fate won’t be known for a while.

Sussex Police, however, announced in an unrelated development Tuesday that Nigel Pelham, 50, had been sentenced Friday to serve 20 months for each of eight counts of using Facebook to publish threatening written material intended to stir up religious hatred against Muslims.

Sussex Police Hate Crime Sergeant Peter Allan said that Pelham had used Facebook between February and November of 2015 “to express some truly offensive views, with no understanding of how serious his actions were,” cautioning that police “will not tolerate this type of behaviour and will act when someone reports their concern about what someone is posting.”

The Argus reports that Pelham suggested Britain should introduce “bomb a mosque day” and invited his Facebook followers to “put a Muslim on top of a bonfire.”

UK man faces more than a year behind bars for using Facebook 'to ...