Unfolding prophecy in Middle East spurs rush in DOOMSDAY prepping

11/02/2023 // Ethan Huff // 2.2K Views

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The latest shocking developments in the Middle East are prompting many who fear what comes next to top off their prepping stockpile, as well as start their prepping stockpile for the ones who have not yet done so already and still feel the need.
Many without the blessed hope are afraid of the next chapter in human history – and rightfully so, based on how the Bible describes it for the group that ends up going through it.
As such, prepping companies are seeing a boon of both new customers and old making fresh purchases for things like water filtration systems, long-term shelf-stable food, utility supplies like rope and tools, medicines and weapons.
This "renewed interest in self-reliance," as the Wall Street Journal called it in a recent exposé about the sudden prepping surge, comes as the world is forced to grapple with not only the explosive situation in the Middle East, but also the fast-approaching cliff of the globalist economies, of which the United States is just one among many.
The Bible calls it "Mystery Babylon," that hidden system of government that some people call the "Deep State." It is about to be brought to ashes in just one hour, at which point it will likely be every man for himself. Many people can now see the approaching cliff with their own eyes and are stockpiling in response.
(Related: Big Tech is now censoring users who try to speak out on behalf of the innocent civilians in Gaza who are being lumped in by Israel as Hamas militants worthy of annihilation.)
One-third of American adults spent at least $149 last year buying prepping gear and supplies

To illustrate how much public sentiment has shifted just in the past few years, roughly 33 percent of adults in the United States spent at least $149 last year purchasing things like non-perishable food, medical supplies and bottled water – just in case.

Keep in mind that this figure was determined before the recent escalation in the Middle East, but after Russia launched its "special operation" in Ukraine.
"This marks an increase from the roughly 20 percent who indicated doing so in 2020," notes Zero Hedge about the lesser number of doomsday preppers that there were just before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" was launched.
People young and old, single and with large families, left and right – really everyone – are having the scales removed from their eyes about just how serious world affairs really are becoming. It is not just another boy who cried wolf type of situation this time – this is the real deal.
Depending on your views, you either fear what is coming and want to stock up, or you are not worried about tomorrow because today has enough problems of its own. Whatever the case may be, bad things are coming – and are really already here. And soon comes the cliff.
"This prepping is not crazy when you have an 80-year-old demented president trying to pick fights with Russia, China, Iran, the entire Arab world and North Korea," one commenter wrote, criticizing Joe Biden for the role he is playing in destabilizing the country even further.
"Add to that street crime is out of control and our over-medicated society is driving some folks who are already on the edge to shoot up highly populated public places. It's not entirely crazy to be worried."
The world is nearing the end of the church age, at which point there will be a great disappearance, known as the rapture, followed by the Time of Jacob's Trouble for the remaining remnant of Israel. More related news about all this can be found at Prophecy.news.
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