Veteran Brutally Beaten to Death by Police at VA Hospital

in News, Opinion / by Dom the Conservative / on May 25, 2014 at 5:45 pm /

As the Obama Administration reels in attempts to explain why they were informed of the Veterans Administration scandal by the media, others come forward with horror stories detailing their battles with delayed care, abuse, and deadly consequences.
California widow Norma Montano is suing after VA police brutally beat her 65-year-old husband to death in 2011.
While Montano doesn’t blame the hours-long wait for her husband’s death, as in other VA investigations, she does pinpoint that as a problem that set off a volatile chain reaction.
Jonathan Montano had a shunt put in his arm by the VA hospital staff that day, and waited with his wife for treatment “for approximately four hours, without being treated,” Norma Montano says in the complaint, according to Courthouse News Service.
“This greatly frustrated Jonathan Montano, who then decided that he didn’t want to wait any longer at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda and decided to leave the hospital and to go to the VA Hospital in Long Beach,” she continued.
Norma Montano went to pull their car around, but her husband “was told by the nursing staff not to leave the hospital.”
When her husband insisted he was leaving to be cared for by the VA Hospital in Long Beach and wanted to leave the needle apparatus in his arm so they wouldn’t have to put in a new one, the nurse called the VA Police Department.
The complaint states:
“The summoned VA Police Department police officers then stopped Jonathan Montano from leaving the VA Hospital in Loma Linda, by tackling him to the floor, slamming his head on the floor, and kneeing and stomping on his neck, and otherwise brutalizing and restraining him.
“This kneeing and stomping on his neck by the VA Police Department police officers caused the dissection of his carotid artery, that resulted in immediate (or very soon thereafter) blood clotting, which resulted in [his] suffering a stroke. Moreover, the brutalization of Jonathan Montano resulted in him suffering other serious physical injuries, and associated physical, mental and emotional pain, suffering and distress.”
Norma, however, was told by the nurse that her husband had suffered a stroke and was being treated in the emergency department.
When she arrived, “she was told by the emergency room doctor that her husband had fallen down and suffered a stroke,” she recalls.
She only found out about the incident when a nurse pulled her aside to tell her that her husband didn’t fall, but the veteran was slammed to the ground, having his neck stomped in order to pin him down.