The woman filming calls them "stupid A$$ kids" I think they are criminals. JMO

SHOCKING: Vicious Black-On-White Gang Attack Caught On Camera; Local Media Coverage Avoids This



“In an attack partially caught on video, a group of youths assaulted at least three people in the parking lot of the Poplar Plaza Kroger Saturday night.”

That’s how the Memphis, TN newspaper The Commercial Appeal began its coverage of a shocking, unprovoked attack on three people by a vicious gang apparently made up of dozens of black teenagers. Not until some six paragraphs further into the story does the reporter mention that the brazen and brutal attackers were black. Nowhere in the newspaper story does the reporter say that all the victims of the late-night assault were, according to other reports, white.

Memphis TV station WREG, a CBS affiliate, also reported on what many might consider a senseless hate crime…and also on their website failed to note the race of either the attackers or their victims.

The Fox station in Memphis appeared much more interested in the fact that the video of the attack was going viral than in making note of race in a story in which race was apparently an important and critical factor.

The race of the attackers and the three people hurt in the assault was also missing from other Memphis media coverage reviewed for this post. Officials say the two store employees beaten by the mob were knocked unconscious. None of their injuries is reported to be serious.

You can quickly get a sense that race very likely played a role in the violent incident by what the person taking the cell phone video is heard to exclaim, including calling the marauding gang members “hood rats”…and then laughing as she shouts “they got a white dude.” In several sections of the cell phone video, there seems to be almost a giddy, celebratory mood among the people whose voices are heard.

The hateful brutality shown by some of the wild mob of attackers can be seen in how one man was repeatedly kicked and stomped while lying helpless on the sidewalk — a man identified as a store employee who tried to help another assault victim.

When a Memphis police spokesman was interviewed about the black mob violence, he lamented the fact that the attackers hadn’t paid attention to a “youth forum” in the west Tennessee city:

“It is extremely troubling to see how many young people were involved, especially on the heels of last week’s youth forum. A lot of our citizens are working to provide safe and productive alternatives for our youth,” [Toney] Armstrong said in a statement.
“For those that choose not to take advantage of these opportunities, we will work tirelessly to identify, locate and hold you accountable. Last night’s events clearly demonstrates a lack of parental controls and if warranted these parents will also be held accountable.”

Just days ago, Western Journalism posted the video of another black-on-white hate crime in which a white couple was savagely attacked by half-a-dozen black assailants.