The war on Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and Columbus Day, and...

The attacks on the holidays are just the tip of the iceberg.

December 21, 2018
By Apolo Villalobos

Columbus Day has been attacked every year because Christopher Columbus supposedly personally carried out genocide, a complete fabrication by Marxists who are famous for falsifying history for ideological purposes. For those students who are not obsessed with Columbus's "crimes," their ignorance of his achievement is cringe-worthy. While Indigenous Peoples Day started innocently enough in 1989, leftists now want to put it in place of Columbus Day, thereby tarnishing both holidays.
Halloween is becoming less and less fun as liberals either cry out "cultural appropriation!" or claim that certain ethnic costumes (Polynesian, Mexican, Arabic, Oriental, etc.) will put someone in a coma. For some unstated reason, even the name "Halloween" is objected to in favor of ..."Orange and Black Day" (doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, now does it?).

Valentine's Day is under attack in India and in Muslim countries and here as well from liberals. Campus Reform had a mock petition for outlawing Valentine's Day that the mindless cattle – that is, the college students – signed. Jamie Glazov gives a detailed analysis of the parallels between the pathological hatred of Muslims and leftists for Valentine's Day, a day of love.
And, in the case of Christmas, their focus has been on removing the fact that it is a birthday celebration for Christ, hence Christmas, hence "Christmas tree" – which they have tried to rename as "holidays tree." Some places have banned Christmas decorations altogether. Some ads have even removed all presence of Christianity from Christmas to the point of including Muslims. This way, they are being "inclusive" – except for excluding Christians. The war on Christmas is not being undertaken in isolation.
In case you hadn't noticed, it's now Thanksgiving Day's turn. Yep. Nothing is sacred to liberals. Even some leftist Jews have attacked it – when not glamorizing Jewish holidays. With their odious, joyless outlook, leftists have targeted a beloved holiday when family members travel to gather and be with one another, a day to take stock and be thankful for what you have, a day to commemorate the peaceful friendship between Pilgrims and Indians. The fact that both Christmas and Thanksgiving have a religious overtone makes them an neven bigger target for leftists. Some have used their hatred of Trump to attack the White House Christmas decorations.
At least PETA put a smile on our faces by wanting to erect a memorial to the turkeys that died in an Iowa traffic accident.
The truth of the matter is that leftists do not really hate Halloween, or Columbus Day, or Thanksgiving Day per se. The attacks on the holidays are just the tip of the iceberg. Saturated with hatred, deep down, their real hate is for the country, the society that they live in; the holidays and the anthem are just manifestations of America (or Canada). They are addicted – yes, addicted – to hate. That is one of the characteristics of a liberal personality.
In their minds, to hate one's country, one's race, one's sex, and one's religion is the height of intellectual achievement and makes them intellectually superior to the rest of us. I disagree with this self-assessment.
Do notice that Christmas, Valentine's Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving Day all embrace the concept of love in one way or another.
Regardless, leftists are not going to be very successful in abolishing Thanksgiving Day. Or Halloween. Or Valentine's Day. Or Christmas. Or the National Anthem. Not even in California.
But they will try. In the meantime, pass the gravy.