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Thread: Watch Dan Crenshaw expertly handle crazed college kid calling him Nazi

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    Watch Dan Crenshaw expertly handle crazed college kid calling him Nazi

    "You should be ashamed of your service in Afghanistan," said the hysterical University of Arizona student.

    Rep. Dan Crenshaw participated in a Turning Points USA campus event this week and received some... let's call it 'negative feedback' from a worked-up college kid upset about, like, war and stuff. But the freshman congressman and former Navy SEAL handled it perfectly.

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    When he got to the mic, the youngster raged that the event organizer, Turning Points, is "for Nazis. and then said that Crenshaw "should be ashamed" of his service in Afghanistan.

    "It was an illegal war of aggression by the United States," said the upset fellow. "You should be ashamed of yourself, not proud of your service."

    The crowd booed the kid with gusto. Without losing his own composure, Crenshaw handed the kid a brutal defeat with the single-eye-roll of the century and a very on-point reply.

    Here is the clip, via TPUSA's Benny Johnson on Twitter.

    "If you have to call somebody a Nazi, it's a good indicator you haven't thought through your argument very well," said Crenshaw. He added "get more creative with your insults, man."

    In his Tweet, Johnson asks you imagine "volunteering to fight for the military that beat the Nazis" and then coming home to be accused of being one. He also saved the best still from the clip.

    That eyeroll was the single best response he could give to that temper tantrum. The fact that Crenshaw didn't become agitated or indignant, and didn't even respond angrily to the student or his outburst, was itself an expert response.

    Watch Dan Crenshaw expertly handle crazed college kid calling him Nazi
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    We need hundreds more people like Dan Crenshaw in office.


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