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Thread: We have serial numbers for money, cars and guns, but NOT for ballots for elections?

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    We have serial numbers for money, cars and guns, but NOT for ballots for elections?

    We have serial numbers for money, cars and guns, but NOT for ballots for elections? Time to end election fraud

    Wednesday, December 15, 2021 by: S.D. Wells

    (Natural News) Anti-counterfeiting measures should be immediately put in place for all voting ballots in America, from local elections to governors races, and from congressional to presidential elections. In fact, all $20 bills, the most counterfeited money of all, are now printed with color shifting ink, security threads, watermarks and micro-printing for shading. They also all have serial numbers. Simple concept for preventing fake money, so why isn’t EVERY single ballot in America protected like this as well, after all, voting is about the most important thing we do to keep our republic in tact.
    All voting ballots should have serial numbers just like money

    The populace of America must be represented using safe voting. New practices must be immediately put in place, especially after the TRAGEDIES of mass-counterfeiting from mail-in ballots and the now infamous “switch-a-roo” Dominion voting machines that flipped votes by the thousands to Resident Biden’s camp. There’s a huge black market for counterfeit ballots, and the mass media has a gag order to never speak a word about it.
    Fake ballots are easy to make, because they don’t have citizen’s social security numbers on them, or even tied to them. They don’t even have serial numbers, so they can be run through voting machines as many times as anyone can get away with it. How dumb and careless is that? The only thing on the line is everything. The whole country’s foundation and safety relies on proper, honest votes. Serialized ballots would immediately prevent the same stack of ballots from being re-run through the machines over and over.
    Plus, every ballot should be tied to a person’s social security number, and have a serial number, and water marks, and security threads, and color shifting ink, like every “Benjamin.” If you run one through a voting machine twice, a loud buzzer should go off and it should say “DENIED *– warning: repeat ballot attempt” on the screen for all to see and hear.
    All political parties should have access to verifying that only ONE ballot per election, per person goes through. No more illegal immigrants voting. No dead people. It won’t matter how many states you lived in over the past 4 years. It won’t matter if you own homes in multiple states. It won’t matter if you try to travel from state to state to illegally vote because your social security number is tied to everything. It can be called the election citizenry social security and voting registration portal or “ECVR.”
    Why don’t we have serialized voting ballots in America?

    All dollars have serial numbers printed on them. All cars have serial numbers. Guns have serial numbers. Checks have serial numbers. Why don’t ballots? The answer to that question is simple: Democrats are running the cheat machine. Here’s a great example. Biden won Georgia by only 12,000 votes. How? Two words: Fulton County. Several batches of absentee ballots were scanned over and over again. Then, according to records, those votes and corrupt totals were UNLAWFULLY included in the certified number submitted by Fulton County directly to the office of the Secretary of State.
    That’s why the Democrats are fighting to never have serial numbers on any ballots, whether city, state, federal, general or presidential elections. This happened in every swing state. It was like cheap, amateur counterfeiters robbed every bank in every swing state overnight after the polls “closed,” and all the Democrats stuck around, banning all Republican watch dogs while claiming “Covid” safety protocols, or that they were taking a break, or there were “busted pipes” leaking everywhere. Still, serial numbers would have prevented all of the fraud and Donald J. Trump would still be the President of this country.
    Tune your internet dial to for updates on other ways the Democrats (Communists) are trying to ruin America, steal the vote and come for your money, land and guns.

    Sources for this article include:

    We have serial numbers for money, cars and guns, but NOT for ballots for elections? Time to end election fraud –

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    Serial Numbers.

    Photo ID, vote in person.

    Give us a print out copy of our ballot with our Serial Number on it. We log into our county website with our Voter's Registration Number and that Serial Number to "read only" that our ballot was caste correctly and locked in and our ballot was not changed. Any discrepancies, take that copy of your ballot to the Voter Registrar's office.

    Clean up all voter rolls. No more Motor Voter registration wrought with fraud. No more states like Oregon and Washington with all mail-in voting only, they cheat like hell.

    Get non-citizens off the voter rolls. They cannot vote in ANY elections and those Governors in the states who allowed this need to be removed from office.

    We can track packages sent all over the world, millions of packages, every day. We can track our vote.

    National Guard needs to be present at the counting of all votes on video. No results should be released until ALL 50 states votes are counted and locked in. Then release the results. The Media is corrupt and they LIE to manipulate our voting process and integrity.
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