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    I'd lik to hear some of your views, on what will happen, what will true Americans do or feel, if our Senate attaches a guest worker program, or doesn't pass the House bill at all?

    Has this issue reached a boiling point, or will it be another, "Oh well" type of thing?
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    IF they have no spine? I think they have proven that time and again.

    But, in my opinion, if they put in a guest worker provision when HR 4437 comes up for a vote, it will get thrown out and the Congress will start all over again.

    I think it is the name of the game for them to keep dangling a carrot that they MIGHT do something only to find some new excuse not to.

    Of course, if they PASS it with a guest worker proposal, I have a feeling that the guest workers are going to be the victims of discrimination until the bleeding hearts start really tying up everything in red tape until the foreign workers own this land and Americans are forced out. I'm too old to move to another country but I bet you many a taxpaying American will do just that in order to escape the yoke of our own government's oppression.

    So, in effect, what they will do with a guest worker proposal is make the middle class into the poor, force the upper middle class to leave the country and thereby make the USA into a third world nation ahead of schedule. Thank you globalists from everywhere.
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