What Happens If Americans Don't Sign Up for Health Insurance?

OCT 29 2013 // 3:09PM


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What happens if Americans fail to sign up for health insurance before the March 1 deadline?

Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer discussed the ramifications for Americans who are or will be shopping for health insurance in the coming weeks or months.

Judge Andrew Napolitano explained that the Supreme Court has said the penalty for those who do not have health insurance is a tax, not a fine.

There's a difference because, as the judge noted, a tax must be paid first, then the person would have to petition the IRS later.

"If you or I speed and we are to be punished for the speeding, we have points assessed and we pay a fine. That doesn't happen until after there's a trial and we're found guilty. But if you or I owe a tax and we think it's too much, we pay the tax first and get the money back later. That's exactly what will happen to these unfortunate individuals who will not be able to obtain insurance coverage because ObamaCare doesn't work, because the computer system couldn't get them through to the insurance carrier and because the deadline passed."

Republicans have been arguing that the government should delay the implementation of the controversial individual mandate, which was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court.

Watch the full discussion above for the judge's take on other possible scenarios.