January 25, 2013

Where Is Obama Hiding the Benghazi Survivors?

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SEN. RAND PAUL (R), KENTUCKY: Is the U.S. involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?

CLINTON: To Turkey? I have to take that question to the record. Nobody ever raised that with me.


BAIER: And question continued, any country out of Libya and she said she did not know. The questioning going along the lines of what was the operation on the ground. Were they moving weapons out of Libya to help Syria with those weapons?

A number of congressmen tried to go along those lines there have been a number of reports about that, including our own reporting about a shipment that left Libya to Turkey that we reported on a number of months ago -- Charles.

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, that is the one area where had she answered or said I can't answer you, I would have given her a pass because there could be operations we don't want anyone to know about. Where there might be people exposed. Obviously, we're giving weapons one way or the other to the rebels in Syria through Turkey. They have come out of Libya. If it did, I'm not sure you want to answer that. But there are other questions that we have not asked or she got away with, which is where, were the people at the embassy and then evacuated? Why can't we speak with them? Who are they? Can you give us names?

I mean, somebody -- Steve pointed out earlier we have already spoken to the people who came out of the Algeria siege, which is just this week. And here we are four months after the attack in Libya and we can't speak to the witnesses. I'm just shocked nobody asked or pursued that. There are lot of questions like that, that were easy to ask. And I'm afraid that the members of commerce prefer to ramble on. And certainly didn't ask a very short and direct question like that.

BAIER: A number of lawmakers started. They started down the road. And there were questions about why weren't f-16s deployed from the air base? They started to ask that. But ended up kind of going on tangent and really never got to that answer.

WILLIAMS: They tripped themselves up on the tangents, you know. And repeatedly -- in fact, you know, we were talking earlier in the green room, we are saying, why don't they ask a question and get an answer. Well, the answer is they are afraid that the witness in this case, secretary Clinton is going to eat up the time. They each have five minutes.

BAIER: Well, from experience, you just stop the person even in the blue room.

WILLIAMS: You can do that. Yes. They don't feel that confident. And this is - but, I think it work against their interest. Now let me say on the guns issue. This is been reported not only by FOX, by elsewhere, that there is a possibility of guns being shipped out. But the thing I think she said that made news is the attack at the gas complex, in Algeria, that there were weapons from Libya tied to Moammar Gaddafi stockpile. That was interesting and newsy to me.

BAIER: Steve Hayes has more to say on the topic. And good thing is tonight we have "Special Report" online. So we will take your comments and questions and we will talk about this as well as the debt ceiling vote, which got kind of trumped today.

And Leon Panetta saying women will be on the front lines. Big news day. That is it for panel. And stay tuned for a little case of dejavu.

Where Is Obama Hiding the Benghazi Survivors? | Benghazi | Fox Nation