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    White House Chief of Staff to resign

    Probably wants to run for President....


    White House Chief of Staff to resign

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    Another Rat

    Another Rat deserting the sinking ship already so as NOT to be tied to Obama for TOO long.

    Rahm must be wanting to run for office somewhere sometime down the road. Anyone who stays with Obama for too long will be far too soiled by the racist-hater President to go anywhere else in Politics.

    Now Rahm can say "Look, I didnt play any part in that garbage Healthcare Scam, Cap n Tax, Amnesty for Mexican invaders, Gun Grabs, U N sucking up to, etc etc. Thats why I left"

    Rahm may also NOT want to be in or near the White House should the 2nd Revolution (REVOLUTION 2.0) come to pass. He would probably be one of the first persons that the U S citizens would (mod edit) just before his (mod edit). lol

    All Democrats will now be distancing themselves from Obama because of the absolute FURY in the American public. Obama will be the one to take ALL the blame from everyone on the left to try and protect the whole stinking progressive/Democrat establishment.

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