WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: America doesnít have a racial problem Ė America has an Obama problemÖ

by Ulsterman on March 22, 2012 with 47 Comments in News

A brief interview via email with our longtime D.C. Insider. I wish to express my gratitude for Insiderís willingness to take the time to respond as I understand they are incredibly busy of late.

UM: Not certain if you have information on the death of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart but it was requested by many readers that I ask you regardless.


UM: Please update on the progress of the Fast and Furious investigation Ė primarily the status of Attorney General Eric Holderís job security.

Insider: We continue to be assured the ducks are being lined up to remove Holder. Just like you I am hopeful but also hoping Iím not being lied to on this. Nothing I have heard yet indicates I should be worried. But I still worry. Part of the job I guess. It was decided some months ago to push the issue out closer to the election. Not by me. I donít have that kind of power of course. I was told by parties with access to those who do have that kind of power. I assume you noted the promotion of Mr. West? As I said, there is positioning going on with the AG office ďjust in caseĒ. And I also assume you noted the testing of the waters for the Cali AG for Supreme Court? If not you need to be up to speed. It all ties in with what I shared with you already. If Obama gets his second term and the Democrats keep the Senate, a whole lot of the agenda is gonna fall in place. Very bad. Probably worse than any of us even realize.

UM: Are you willing to comment on the Arpaio investigation? The allegations of a forged birth certificate and selective service and social security?

Insider: We are all aware of it. Media blackout of course, but lots of chatter. Be cautious though. Still questions regarding if legitimate or not. Could be. Certainly possible. There is something there on that subject I just donít know what it is. And I have looked into it. Nobody inside wants to speak of it. ??? Havenít pushed it for a while. Will poke around it again and see if anyone is willing to talk. I am focused on the election though. Canít waste too much time trying to run that thing down. Sorry. But if I hear something I will pass it along.
Watch for any information on the Supreme Court Obamacare case though. Starts soon and then a decision should drop by early summer. Could alter the entire landscape of the campaign. For better or worse. More ulcers on the way for me.

UM: I am getting multiple reports of Obama fundraising concerns. -Name Deleted- involved?

Insider: Yes. And proving extremely effective. Even got word on pressure mounting against Bernanke as well. Wants rate hike sooner vs later. Donít understand the logistics of why but apparently involves at least one of the board members. He really does dislike Bernanke. Not sure the history of that he gets the old man riled up and he really doesnít rile easily. You know that.

Somewhat related to that even though you didnít ask is information on the Israel situation. Gas prices. The Obama people have come up with what they call a ďwin-winĒ scenario. If prices continue to go up blame Israel even if no bombing of Iran nuclear plants takes place. Blame Israel for contributing to unrest. If Israel does act, then give verbal support while also blaming both Israel and Iran for gas prices going up. And blame the oil companies of course. So regardless of Iran being bombed or not, Israel and the Middle East unrest is to blame for the gas prices. Not Obama. Never Obama.

Not saying what they have come up with is a good plan politically. It does show panic over the gas price issue. Real genuine panic. Thatís good. Now we got to get the Republican leadership on point with the message. They are terrible at it. Very splintered and that worries me. Multiple directions and no clear message. You really have no idea how bad they are at this. Scary bad. Constant reminder of why I never wanted to be a Republican. If this is their best and brightest then God help us all.

UM: Will Romney get the nomination and if so are you satisfied with that outcome?

Insider: Yes on the first and I hope so on the second. His campaign team has been a bit off lately. They need to get their game on and be ready for Obama. Like I told you many times before. Itís going to be brutal. Did you notice the Florida shooting? The story of the Black teenager? How the media has been on that 24/7 and trying so hard to convince people America has this terrible racial problem? Bullsh-t. America has an Obama problem right now. Thatís its biggest problem. And of course Occupy is coming back. The convention is going to be a mess. Thatís what they want.

UM: Can you comment on what we discussed briefly regarding another planned event by the Obama operatives? The real one this time? Not the practice run that you described the other event as being? The one you correctly warned was coming?

Insider: No. That topic is not a good idea at this time. It will be summer. Before the Democratic convention. That is all I know for certain at this time and I am not comfortable even sharing that with you. Sorry. I donít think you should include this. Too little information I can share. Not productive. Your call though.

UM: The conflict between the military and the Obama administration that you spoke of last year is really playing out now. How bad do you think it will get?

Insider: It already is very bad. Most of what is going on is being contained in-house but I have a source. Retired. 30 odd years. Has a ton of contacts still active. They are indicating things are not good. Actually glad you asked this question. Forgot about something they had told me about a month ago. Some strange things being passed around tied in w/military operations. Domestic. At home. That has people upset. Rank and file conflicts. Now this is not the first time IĒve been told similar things. Goes as far back as maybe 20 yrs ago. But then it would get quiet. This time itís not getting quiet. Tinfoil hat stuff but this guy donít talk sh-t. They are the real deal. So Iíve been keeping my ear to the ground on that and suggest you do the same. Was going to ask -name deleted- about it but havenít yet. If you talk to them first bring it up. Might be what got him so pissed off against the administration? Just guessing but maybe? That and the Israeli situation. Or more? Donít know.

UM: Give me odds of Eric Holder stepping down from the DOJ before the end of summer.

Insider: 70% Holder is gone by then. But so much depends on the Republicans. Too much. But like I said, nothing I have seen tells me that it isnít moving in the direction we want it to. Itís just been slow. As in kicking my ass slow. But you know that.

UM: Odds of Obama losing re-election in November?

Insider: Right now itís 50/50. By the time weíre done hoping to have him down to about a 180-200 electoral vote margin. No joke. Thatís my goal and Iím burning the candle at both ends to make it happen. Writing my own checks on this thing too. Might bankrupt me in the end so buy the book so I donít end up on the street.

Kidding. Almost.

UM: You decide what to end on.

Insider: Got a little insider story for you. Told you Obama was way over confident. As in head up the ass over confident. Itís freaking people out. His staff is worried about gas prices and the Middle East and the poll #s, which like I told you, are actually a lot lower than the published #s. By almost ten points. Huge difference. But Obama has been on the road so much he believes his own applause. He is waiving off the concern. The guy loves the crowds. Maybe its more than just that? Donít know. Itís weird though. Get him for a couple days at the White House and he turns pissy. Snarly was the actual term told to me. Snarly. ďGet me out of hereĒ. That is what he tells them. So off he goes flying here and there. This crowd to that crowd. Loves it. The First Lady same thing. The two have not been under the same roof for more than a few days at a time in months now. Iím starting to think the only reason heís running for re-election is to be able to run for re-election. The actual job he cares even less about than we thought. He likes the agenda falling in place but he hates the job. Hates the White House. Hates America.

Too much there at the end? No. Thatís the truth.

I wonít be available for at least a week. Will try to schedule a face to face after that. Will be in touch.

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