WHITE SUPREMACY in full effect as Biden Regime plans to bankrupt Navajo Nations by revoking their rights to lease land and drive them all into poverty

Monday, June 19, 2023 by: S.D. Wells
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(Natural News) America was bombarded with fake news for all the years Trump was in office that he was a “white supremacist” who hates all people of color, and it just isn’t true. Now we see the “true colors” coming out with the new fake president, Sleepy Joe Biden, and his elitist regime, where people of color are being systematically wiped off the face of the earth (unless they are gay). As if toxic Covid jabs and Bidenflation (skyrocketing inflation) were not enough to sicken and bankrupt minorities across America, now the Biden Regime wants to bankrupt and starve out the Navajo Nations by restricting them from leasing their land to gas and oil companies, all in the name of another Ponzi scheme called “climate change” a.k.a. the “Green New Deal.”
Biden’s communists celebrate doomsday for American natives as they revoke Indian tribe’s right to lease their land to oil and gas companies

White supremacists in Washington DC want to eliminate all Native Americans, including their children, and they have a sinister “green” plan for accomplishing just that. Members of the Navajo Nation are up in arms trying to defend their rights to lease THEIR LAND to oil and gas companies, so they can continue to fund their economic future, feed their kids, and provide jobs for their people.
The Biden Regime, lead by a demented, senile, old rich white guy, wants to end the Navajo way of life, cripple their economy, and depopulate their kind. It’s called White Supremacy, and the minorities of this country need to wake up and smell the poison coffee brewing in Washington DC every day.
In a move that could cost the Navajo tribe millions of dollars in revenue, the White Supremacists in Washington DC are celebrating the revocation of Indian land rites in the Southwest, including in New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. The Navajo Nation, also known as Navajoland, is a reservation that occupies roughly 17.5 million acres and is the largest land area held by any indigenous tribe in the United States.
The White Supremacist Biden Regime had to cancel the announcement party when Navajo tribe members blocked their access to the festivities, where the “Green New Deal” was to be commemorated for trying to bankrupt and starve out the Native Americans. The tribe has land protections in place, but the communists in Washington DC couldn’t care less, and plan to trample those rights and crush their communities as soon as possible.
Biden’s representative did NOT even consult with the Navajo Nation leaders before issuing a brutal 20-year ban on leasing their land for oil and gas harvesting. The Biden Regime is celebrating the “victory” of crushing the Navajo people through fake “climate change” initiatives and the plan to dismantle the infrastructure of the United States, as part of the bigger depopulation scheme. The Biden Regime functions with little-to-no congressional oversight, and the country is suffering disastrous consequences because of this tyrannical dictatorship.
The Biden Regime will continue to destroy any peoples and organizations that oppose their narrative that humans are responsible for “climate change.” It’s really all about installing communism in America, so nobody has any constitutional rights, no small or medium-sized businesses can survive, and everyone relies on the rogue, evil government for handouts to “survive,” even though that is a lost cause also.
Have no doubt, the Biden Regime hates all people of color, as they force-inject millions of minorities and their children with Covid clot shots, deprive them of resources, and inflate the cost of food and supplies methodically. It’s all part of the plan to replace every conservative and Republican with illegal immigrants to keep the Demoncrat uni-party in power forever.
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WHITE SUPREMACY in full effect as Biden Regime plans to bankrupt Navajo Nations by revoking their rights to lease land and drive them all into poverty – NaturalNews.com