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    Bankrupt Democrats Invented “White Supremacy” Because “Racism” Lost Its Impact

    Bankrupt Democrats Invented “White Supremacy” Because “Racism” Lost Its Impact

    August 7, 2019

    RUSH: Now, last night on his show on the Fox News Channel, Chatsworth Osborne Jr. (my pet name for Tucker Carlson) said he didn’t even believe this white supremacy stuff is anything but a hoax. There aren’t any white supremacists. He said, “I’ve never met one.” I don’t know any… I said this yesterday.

    Folks, I don’t know any. The white supremacists that are out there are such a fringe that they have to exist on the deep, dark portals of the World Wide Web that nobody could find if they wanted to. They are not large in number. They are not predominant. They’re not defining. White supremacists are so few that… Do you know any? Anyway, Tucker says this, and CNN lost it. CNN and the Drive-By Media lost it. They can’t believe that Tucker Carlson would engage in such a bold-faced lie.

    Now, this whole notion of white supremacy, and all that the Democrats are doing (as I pointed out yesterday in an hour-long monologue), is because they are bankrupt. They don’t have anything on which to run and seek the presidency. They have no issues. The president has taken away their entire agenda. They believed Obama when he told everybody that the economy’s best days were behind us, that there’s a new normal now, that the Democrats are the perfect party to manage the decline.

    “Manufacturing jobs are not coming back.” You know the drill. In less than three years, Trump has blown all that to smithereens. They’ve got nothing to talk. All they can do is what Joaquin Castro is doing, trying to harass and intimidate Trump donors in San Antonio with a full-page ad identifying who they are and where they work. Joaquin Castro is clearly inciting intimidation against Trump voters — all the while denying it, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

    Racism stopped having the impact that it used to have because everybody was a racist, and they called everybody a racist every minute of every day. By the passage of enough time, it just dulled everybody out. So now “white supremacy” has replaced “racism” as the vile charge and allegation the left throws out at Republicans and Trump supporters and conservatives. White supremacy — and they now live it as though it’s as normal a part of the American landscape as mountains and ocean, and yet nobody can find one. They chalk all this stuff up to white supremacy.

    You know, white supremacy is behind these mass shootings? Most of them are leftists, and most mass shooters are not even white!


    RUSH: What is it about the word “invasion” that so bothers these people? Is it because that’s what it is? Have we ever seen anything like this? Have we ever seen caravans of people who are being brought here, paid for by political operatives of the Democrat Party? There’s no question that these caravans are Democrat political operations, and their primary objective is to flout U.S. law. Their primary objective is to break the law.
    Their primary objective really is to have people like you and me stand up in opposition to this so that they can then claim we’re white supremacists, because they claim that our opposition is nothing more than to their skin color. Which is absurd. Our opposition is rooted in the rule of law, as we’ve said until we’re breathless. Our opposition is to the wanton destruction of American culture that is taking place because of this, and we all know that these mass arrivals are Democrat political operations that are not being owned up to.

    The Democrats are not being honest about it. They’re trying to trick people, pull the wool over people’s eyes, so they can set up anybody who opposes mass migration as a racist. Then racism and racist kind of lost its impact. So here comes “white supremacist” and “white supremacy.” Now, incumbent in this is the Democrats’ belief that they own something, and that is the brand of “compassionate.” They believe that they are the ones who are tolerant. They are tolerant of all creeds, genders, skin colors and all of this — when, in truth, they are not.

    They are the most intolerant people in our society. They are the most intolerant group of people, and they have violence promoting their intolerance. They are intolerant of anything and anyone who does not parrot what they believe. They are not willing to accept debate. There’s no such thing. They have no tolerance for anybody who opposes them, and they have no compassion. I’m gonna tell you right now: These people that are out there claiming that they see they love these poor, disadvantaged, uneducated, sick people (sobbing) “simply trying to improve their lives, Mr. Limbaugh. There’s…”

    They want us to believe they and they alone love these people because they are not intolerant of different skin colors, they’re not intolerant of different income levels, and it’s just the exact opposite. They don’t love these people. These people don’t have their lives improved by supporting Democrats, do they? Their lives are not improved. Oh, they may end up getting more free stuff, but that doesn’t make their lives better. It just makes them more dependent. The Democrat Party doesn’t improve the lives of very many of the people that vote for them.

    It’s a dirty little secret. Democrat Party creates a class, different groups of victims, and that’s what these people who claim to have all this compassion really love. They love victims. They love feeling sorry for people. When they see an African-American, their first instinct is to feel sorry and to think of the person as a victim. They are the ones who have low expectations for these people, not us. They’re the ones that have — we have a name for it — “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” They’re the ones who do not think these people can handle the rigors of life on their own.

    These are the people — the left, the Democrats — who look at these disadvantaged people, Latinos, Hispanics, blacks, African-Americans, people who are not white. They look at ’em and think their lives are doomed, and so they feel sorry for them. They don’t have the least bit confidence those people can make anything of themselves. They love feeling sorry for these people. They love feeling sorry for victims. It makes them feel superior. It is how they derive their own superiority in matters of race and gender.

    It’s how they make themselves believe that they are the tolerant ones among us. But it isn’t rooted in love of these people, because they don’t want these people anywhere near them. They don’t want these people in their neighborhoods, and they’re not doing everything they can to make that happen. What they’re doing is they get these people into the country and they’re doing everything they can to make them dependent on the Democrat Party. They’re not advancing their human condition. They’re not trying to promote their own potential.

    They are just pawns. They are people that the Democrat Party can use to falsely proclaim their compassion, their love, to show that they’re not racists or bigots or any of that. When in fact, they’re nothing more than faceless people serving a political purpose. At best, they feel sorry for ’em, and they feel sorry for them because they think America isn’t gonna give them a chance. But supporting these people creates this illusion that they care, that they’re not racist — which then, they think, gives them added weight to call all of us racists.

    But the problem is it’s not in a we don’t want them here. It’s that we want our laws preserved. We want our culture preserved. We want as many people in this country who love it as we can get. We want as many people making up a great country as we can get. We’re not trying to keep people out. We have legal immigration mechanisms for people to get into the country. There are things that people who want to come here have to do.

    That is now being called racist or white supremacist or whatever. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are living in the midst of one of the biggest collections of lies compounded by further lies that then end up as mainstream news each and every day. It’s my contention that people like you, me, watching this stuff are just privately seething more and more every day as this continues to happen.


    RUSH: The Democrats are demanding that Pelosi cut the congressional recess short to address white supremacy. The Democrats want Pelosi to reconvene the House of Representatives so they can tackle white supremacy! Now, these are the people who claim, don’t forget, that the problem is that we’re not unified, that we’ve got to somehow come together. How in the world can that ever happen when this is what they…? How do you have the House do anything about white supremacy, other than putting them in jail? Which… Don’t laugh. We’re talking about their intentions.
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    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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