WHO panel that will draft children’s healthcare policies includes 11 members with no medical background and 7 transgender activists

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Eleven of the 21 World Health Organization's (WHO) healthcare policy committee members are not qualified medical experts and seven are transgender. According to a report by the Daily Mail, only 10 members of the panel are medical practitioners.
One of the members is a controversial Canadian trans activist named Florence Ashley, a law professor in Canada, who has a strong influence on the Chinese app TikTok. Ashley previously said that puberty blockers should be prescribed to all children, regardless of their gender identity, so they can "choose" their gender rather than being assigned one by society. Another panelist previously said that transitioning causes no health problems and claimed the only "actual side effects" of getting a gender alteration are a "significantly improved quality of life and trans joy." The other members of the panel are activists, social justice advocates, human rights lawyers, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) researchers and policy advisers.
Ashley, who sports a "Be Gay, Do Crimes" tattoo, is a transwoman and the committee's most controversial member. "Gender assessments are an unnecessary form of gatekeeping that trans communities have been opposing for a while," Ashley recently said on TikTok. Ashley has also authored a study, which claims that puberty blockers and hormone therapies "ought to be treated as the default option" for children with gender dysphoria.
Meanwhile, WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic insisted that the guidelines on trans issues would focus on "adults only" and not the use of hormones, suppressants and surgeries on children. "WHO guidelines are always based on the balancing of the available evidence, human rights principles, consideration of harms and benefits and inputs of end users and beneficiaries," Jasarevic stated. However, some of the committee members are vocal about their support for letting children undergo mutilation procedures.
Because of these, several women's rights and LGBTQ+ organizations fear the agency has been captured by a "trans bias." United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women Reem Alsalem said the new panel is too "one-sided" and she believes the committee contains "significant unmanaged conflicts of interest."
"Stakeholders whose views differ from those held by transgender activist organizations do not appear to have been invited," Alsalem said. "Such stakeholders include experts from European public health authorities who have taken the lead on developing an evidence-based and consequently cautious approach to youth gender transitions."
The WHO panel is said to determine care guidelines for trans people, yet they do not have anyone to represent critical balance on the panel, according to psychotherapist and Genspect Executive Director Stella O'Malley. "The gender affirmative approach is presumed by WHO to be the only way forward and thereby dismisses conventional psychotherapy." (Related: NEW STUDY: Transgender (mutilation) surgery rates have tripled across all age groups from 2016 to 2019.)
Over 8,000 entities question the WHO panel

Right after the committee members were finalized, an online petition was organized by Jamie Reed, a former caseworker at St. Louis Children's Hospital who previously revealed that cross-sex hormones fast-tracked mental health problems of kids there. It has been signed by more than 8,000 entities since December, including those from private individuals, psychologists, nurses and parents of detransitioners, as well as organizations like Genspect, which has been critical of medical transitions. The petition has called for the organization to stop the group's meeting in February.
Reed, now the executive director of the LGBT Courage Coalition campaign group, called the WHO panelists a group of "agenda-driven activists with little or no scientific expertise."
"Some are well-known, radical activists who promote experimental medical interventions and stigmatize exploratory therapy," said Reed, pointing out that the committee should include "experts with a diversity of perspectives."
Apart from pressuring WHO to rebalance its "biased" panel, Reed and his team claimed that the organization has failed to give the public enough time to voice concerns about the makeup of the influential group. The public comment period ended on January 8.
The petition said: 'This is lightning-fast speed for any organization, but especially for WHO, which must consult with various stakeholders, commission evidence reviews from third parties, and potentially engage independent experts to help oversee the guideline development process." It added that none of this can be realistically accomplished within WHO's artificially constrained time frame.
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