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    You want some of this?

    Woman goes on rampage in School! BITES

    Woman accused of
    assaulting principal
    She allegedly bit and punched her
    son's principal

    Watch the video too!! No wonder Kids are out of control!!

    Updated: Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009, 7:38 AM EDT
    Published : Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009, 4:14 PM EDT

    * Bill Tomison

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) - A Providence woman is accused of biting and beating up a middle school principal because he was suspending her 11-year-old son from school.

    According to Providence police reports, Aleyda Uceta, 30, became angry Friday with Roger Williams Middle School principal Rudolph Moseley, Jr. when he told her about the boy's three-day suspension.

    Uceta began yelling at Moseley and punched him in the face, according to the report. When Moseley tried to push the woman away, the student joined in and hit Moseley, police said.

    The report said Uceta then grabbed Mosley's left arm and began to bite him.

    A female teacher tried to calm Uceta by speaking to her in Spanish, but Uceta punched the teacher in the face as well, police said.

    School resource officers were called to the office, and they tried to remove Uceta from the building, but she resisted.

    Uceta's extended family even got involved, surrounding her and the police officers who were trying to subdue her. During the melee, Uceta reportedly also bit an officer and hit at least one of them in the face. One patrolman got kicked by Uceta, and a pocket was ripped out of his police jacket.

    Once handcuffed and in police custody, the report states, Uceta said, "I'm going to take your gun and shoot all of you."

    Police said she then continued struggling, trying to kick the window panes out of a door in the office.

    Police had a rescue crew take her away from the school for a psychological evaluation. She stands charged with assaulting police officers and other officials, and resisting arrest.

    Moseley was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The patrolman who got kicked got treatment on his own.

    The police report does not state why Uceta's son was going to be suspended.

    Just a couple weeks ago, Roger Williams Middle School was also at the center of an incident where an assistant principal was accused of stomping a Dominican flag -- on the day the school was honoring the Dominican Republic's independence. ... l_20090317
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    Wow! This kind of behavior certainly appears like a lot of the behavior we see from many illegal aliens making demands and acting aggressively with no respect for American laws, institutions, or civility practices.

    Can someone in the area contact the police in this jurisdiction to inquire if there is an immigration hold on this suspect please?

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    Should get it for assulting the teachers and "terrioristic threats" for threatening to kill the officers. I didn't realize hospitalization for emotional evaluation was given to people who act crazy at the time of the crime. Usually that's ordered later, isn't it?
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    There you go, a fine upstanding law abing family.
    Proud to be an AMERICAN

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