The writing is on the wall: Even Obama thinks Biden could LOSE in 2024

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Even former President Barack Obama thinks President Joe Biden could lose the 2024 elections.The Wall Street Journal first reported on the matter, citing an insider familiar with Obama's thinking. According to the source, the former president knows that the election "is going to be a close race" and "feels that Democrats very well could lose." The insider also said that Obama expressed worry that "the alternative is pretty dangerous for democracy."
A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found that Trump has a two-point lead against Biden, 38 percent to 36 percent. The inclusion of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) expands this lead to five points, 36 percent for Trump and 31 percent for Biden. RFK Jr. lands at third with 16 percent.
While the poll's results showed Trump in the lead, it also warned that if he is convicted before Election Day in November 2024, it could cost him significant support. The 77-year-old Trump faces four criminal trials, but this hasn't stopped him from retaining his wide lead among other Republican presidential candidates. (Related: Trump could face 100 YEARS in prison if convicted of federal charges, including espionage.)
Meanwhile, the 81-year-old Biden faces a myriad of issues – including Ukraine, Israel, the southern border and Bidenflation. The investigations into the business dealings of his son Hunter and the impeachment inquiry kick-started by the House Republicans will also cause serious headaches for the incumbent.
"I want the president to do better," said Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX). He added that he wants better poll numbers for Biden "because that affects everybody."
Meanwhile, Biden's aides have dismissed the relevance of the polls conducted ahead of the November 2024 election. They often cite a frequent quip by Biden himself: "Don't compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative."
Other Democrats don't see Biden winning in 2024

Obama isn't the only one with a rather negative view of Biden's 2024 run. David Axelrod, who formerly served as Obama's advisor, issued a similar prospect. According to him, the incumbent has a lower than 50 percent chance to win in the upcoming presidential election.
"I think he has a 50-50 shot here, but no better than that. Maybe a little worse," he told the New York Times' Maureen Dowd. "He thinks he can cheat nature here, and it's really risky."
Axelrod has also acknowledged that Biden's advanced age, coupled with his physical stumbles and verbal gaffes, could be hindrances in convincing the American electorate to vote for him once more.
"I think that there is one issue that is hanging over him. With Trump on the other end, he could still win this election. But the age issue is difficult," he said.
The political strategist also warned that Biden shouldn't count on Trump to help him win. According to the former Obama administration official, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton mistakenly thought Trump securing the GOP nomination would hand her the election. Given this, Axelrod stressed that Biden should not make the same mistake.
Also expressing his doubts is Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), who admitted to formerly supporting Biden. According to the congressman, the prospect of the incumbent winning a second presidential term in 2024 is "delusional."
"As a member of [the] House Democratic leadership, I supported and promoted the Biden agenda. I campaigned for him, voted for him and respect him," Phillips wrote on the X platform. "But how can anyone read this and conclude he's positioned to defeat Trump? It's delusional."
The Minnesota congressman and Democratic presidential candidate subsequently urged voters to consider a different candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination for the 2024 election. Based on previous reports, the Democratic National Committee is focused on backing Biden – who is gunning for a second term.
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