Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann ,

April 16, 2019

This letter is to inform you that one of your employees removed the folder from William Gheen's account (email titled "ALIPAC" and effectively banned our national organization's name while removing appropriate and non-hateful posts about Amnesty legislation in Washington DC.

We hope that your company will not support this kind of political censorship and will not abuse American laws to try to influence elections and legislation in DC through such processes of censorship.

Our organization is racially inclusive, multi-racial, and has strong rules against racism or racially exclusive people and comments.

Our organization never targets anyone due to immutable characteristics and we are focused on the top national issues of illegal immigration, border security, and Amnesty legislation in DC.

It is clear that the person or persons at Pinterest took action to delete our board called "ALIPAC" due to our recent posts against Dream Act Amnesty bill S. 874.

This certified receipt requested letter is being sent to make sure your top managers at Pinterest are aware of this improper political censorship, your company's violation of our American civil rights, and our request that you restore our folder "ALIPAC" and all of the images contained within it immediately.

If the Pinterest corporation does not restore our "ALIPAC" folder and contents and intends to stand bye this act of censorship, we will report this decision to the national media on a regular basis into the future to warn others that Pinterest is taking political sides on behalf of illegal immigrants and Amnesty.

Furthermore, we will consider filing official complaints with the the Federal Elections Commission, Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and FTC, and taking possible legal action as well.

We hope this will not be necessary and you will not force us to fight for our protected civil rights in this matter as a simple review of the ban of ALIPAC and visual inspection of the contents in that folder will make it apparent to anyone who is not conducting political discrimination that our posts did not violate Pinterest's stated rules and did not contain any "hate."

We look forward to your written response and the restoration of our ALIPAC folder and contents.

William Gheen