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    ALIPAC Leader Exposes “Republican” Congressional Candidate’s Pro DACA Amnesty History

    Image: William Gheen, Anna Paulina Luna, YouTube Screenshots ALIPAC Leader Exposes “Republican” Congressional Candidate’s Pro DACA Amnesty History

    By: Ian MacDonald
    On: May 8, 2020
    Media Right News

    William Gheen, the President of Americans For Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) is on a rampage against one Congressional candidate, Anna Paulina Luna. Gheen claims she is running as a Republican but has a history of pushing Democrat talking points. The race is a somewhat crowded field in the swing district of Florida’s 13th.

    Today Gheen tweeted out a screenshot of an old tweet by Luna, hinting that recipients of DACA should be able to stay in the United States permanently. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has been playing the part of immigration hardliner on Twitter as of late, to cozy up to a crowd that calls themselves “America Firsters”, (including the Columbia Bugle on Twitter).

    Of course, Gaetz, although he recently proposed deporting all illegal immigrants, has also endorsed Luna. Does Gaetz know about her past, is his endorsement simply political expedience over ideals? It’s truly hard to say, coming from one of President Trump’s biggest cheerleaders. Gheen appeared to fire off at least three different tweets with the same image today, one of which is captioned:

    GOP Candidate Anna Paulina Luna backed by @TPUSA @charliekirk11 @RepMattGaetz Supports Democrat Positions on Amnesty for Illegals!

    Media Right News has previously reported on Luna, where an old video that was surfaced of her showed her also in support of an amnesty type solution that was in regards to the DACA program. ALIPAC appeared to have unearthed that clip at some point.

    You can read more about that and see the video, or read here about another report alleging possible stolen valor by the candidate who at best, misrepresented what she did during her time in the U.S. Air Force.

    It appears Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA is getting behind Luna, despite many other candidates running, including George Buck, an Army Veteran, and former fireman, who is running on supporting the Trump agenda. Gheen also tagged Kirk in his tweet to make sure he sees the old agenda of legalizing DACA recipients.
    It appears Gheen, in addition to Media Right News, are both blocked by Luna on Twitter, although she hasn’t directly responded to any of the allegations despite us reaching out to her twice. The main point to be noted here is that many Republican primary voters, unfortunately, don’t have time to research every candidate, especially the ones pushed on them by big money Libertarian/Republican organizations that may have ulterior motives and agendas. It’s always important to note the real political stance every candidate has beyond the glitz and the glamour of political ads, photoshoots, and war chests.

    Speaking to Eric Bolling in an old video below, Luna says that DACA illegals are not responsible for the sins of their parents.

    Of course, here, she says nothing about giving DACA illegal immigrants amnesty and claims that dirty political operatives are spreading “fake news” about her. She looks forward to debating all of her opponents on immigration she claims. WATCH:

    William Gheen @ALIPAC

    Please share our national press release with the Congressional campaign and public figure @realannapaulina since she has @ALIPAC blocked, but we got copies of her pro-Amnesty tweets anyway. …
    William Gheen @ALIPAC

    GOP Candidate #AnnaPaulinaLuna Supports Democrat Positions on Amnesty for Illegals!


    12:16 PM - May 8, 2020

    “Prager U” recently did a video expose as well, in an attempt to explain how her Mexican-American ethnicity makes Luna just as American if not more than anyone else. While it’s true that people of all backgrounds living as American Citizens who assimilate to our culture and way of life are what makes America great, it’s a confusing point and hard to really understand what Prager U is getting at by telling us this.

    So the question is, is Anna Paulina Luna really who she represents herself to be, and if not, why are big-money donors and high profile politicians throwing their weight behind her? Are they not doing their homework or do they not care?

    Ian MacDonald
    Independent Conservative, Free Thinker, America First Proponent.
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    Illegal immigration profiteers close to buying Rep. Steve King's Iowa Congressional seat

    For National Release | May 28, 2020

    Reach out to help Rep. King's campaign then share & discuss this press release and call to action on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    Attention all Americans who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty. We have four days to mobilize a nationwide army of volunteers! Please support Rep. Steve King's reelection campaign for Tuesday, June 2, by donating to help him at...
    and contacting his volunteer coordinator at to call Iowa voters from your home and remind them how important Rep. King is to Iowa and the nation for opposing Amnesty. Help Iowa voters learn that King's opponent Randy Feenstra is on the payroll of the DC Swamp special interests that support Amnesty for millions of illegals!
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