High school rape blamed on lax immigration policy

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
| Chad Groening (OneNewsNow.com)

An immigration enforcement activist has expressed his outrage over two illegal aliens who were charged with raping a student in a restroom in a Maryland high school – where the noncitizens were placed by state officials.
Charges have been filed against the two illegal aliens in Rockville, Maryland – with the gang rape of a 14-year old girl on public high school property.
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) President William Gheen is confident that the two perpetrators will be brought to justice.
However, the conservative political activist is more concerned about holding those accountable who allowed the two illegals to be in a position to commit such a heinous crime.
"What we want is for the lawmakers in Rockville, Maryland, [who] created the sanctuary city – the lawmakers in Maryland that are trying to declare the entire state a sanctuary state – [to be brought to justice], Gheen demanded.
He would like to see a higher level of government accountability.
“The Barack Obama administration and people in the Trump administration that showed these illegal aliens that they could break laws before they raped that girl … we want them punished,” Gheen added. “We want them corrected."
The immigration expert also wants to know if the two suspects are beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program – also known as DACA.
"They're both confirmed illegal immigrants, and one had an active deportation order – and they've only been in the country for less than a year, so they're recent arrivals,” Gheen pointed out. “They're part of the recent ‘childhood arrivals’ that we've been hearing so much about [concerning] the border.”
Gheen is calling on President Donald Trump to end the DACA amnesty program – as he promised to do on his first day in office.