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Thread: Poll: DACA Amnesty Bombs In GOP Primaries

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    Poll: DACA Amnesty Bombs In GOP Primaries

    Poll: DACA Amnesty Bombs In GOP Primaries

    by Neil Munro6 Feb 2018 843

    A DACA amnesty is strongly opposed by the Republicans who vote in GOP primaries, says a new poll by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

    The group is touring Capitol Hill offices today to showcase the poll, which they say will deter GOP legislators from backing a DACA or ‘dreamer’ amnesty prior to their Spring primaries. “We’re hoping this poll will be a bucket of cold water to wake them out of their DC spell,” said William Gheen, founder of ALIPAC.

    The group plans to visit the at least 200 offices of GOP politicians, including North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

    “If Collins and Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the other amnesty supporting RINOS want to go against the will of their primary voters, like [Majority Leader Rep. Eric] Cantor did, that’s up to them,” Gheen said. Cantor lost his primary election in June 2014, largely because of primary opposition to an amnesty push in Congress.

    The poll results mean that pro-amnesty GOP legislators “are highly vulnerable and can be defeated by [primary] candidates with less experience and less money,” he said. GOP legislators should poll their own voters, he said, adding “they’ll back off the [amnesty] deal if they want to keep their jobs.”

    The poll of 540 likely voters showed, according to ALIPAC, that:
    Sixty-seven percent of respondents said Congress should focus on enforcing the laws we already have on the books, versus only 33% who said they should focus on providing Amnesty. Similarly, 65.4% of respondents said President Trump should focus the resources of the federal government to uphold national immigration laws already in place …

    Seventy-one percent of likely Republican primary voters in states President Trump carried in 2016 wants Congress to enforce [the laws], including 79.9% of Southerners, 78.8% of men, and 62.4% of voters in the Midwest. Voters in those states provided Trump with 83.3% of his Electoral College votes in 2016 and sent 72.2% of GOP members in the House of Representatives to Washington …

    These numbers are even more pronounced when you look specifically at respondents in districts located in states Trump carried that are also currently represented by a Republican member of Congress. Seventy-three percent of all respondents in these districts, including 80.5% of men, 81% of Southerners, and 64.6% of likely Republican voters in the Midwest, want their Republican member of Congress to enforce our current laws instead of providing Amnesty.
    “We’re going to draw some attention that over two-thirds of voters back home oppose this DACA deal,” Gheen said.

    According to the poll:

    Trump’s 2016 immigration policies are very popular among the public, including among blue-collar African-Americans who are a core element of the Democrats’ current electoral base.

    In contrast, business groups, Democrats, and the establishment media tout misleading, industry-funded “Nation of Immigrants” polls which pressure Americans to say they welcome migrants, including the roughly 3 million ‘dreamer’ illegals.

    The alternative “priority or fairness” polls — plus the 2016 election — show that voters in the polling booth put a much higher priority on helping their families, neighbors, and fellow nationals get decent jobs in a high-tech, high-immigration, low-wage economy.
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    Thank you for posting this Artist and big thanks to Breitbart for covering our anti DACA poll!
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