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    Exclusive — Chip Roy: Most Democrats Opposed Efforts to Stop Noncitizen Voting, Base

    Exclusive — Chip Roy: Most Democrats Opposed Efforts to Stop Noncitizen Voting, Base Congressional Allocations on Citizens Only

    by HANNAH KNUDSEN 20 Jun 2024

    Most Democrat lawmakers have opposed efforts to stop noncitizens from voting as well as basing congressional allocations on citizens only, Rep Chip Roy (R-TX) revealed during a Wednesday appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

    Roy spoke about Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAFE) Act, which he believes will help address ongoing issues with noncitizens voting in federal elections — of which he said there is ample proof — making it so every state would have anyone applying to register to vote to prove their citizenship.

    But this issue, he explained, is the Achilles heel of the Democrats.

    “And so I think this is the kind of Achilles heel, if you will, for Democrats, right? We just had a vote in Washington, that would that would end Washington to DC’s registration of noncitizens for their elections,” he said, explaining that they were able to get 52 Democrats to support it.

    However, 143 Democrats opposed it, while there was what he believes is unanimous Republican support.

    “That gives you a rough idea,” he said, explaining that Democrats were less inclined to support a measure that would base congressional allocations on citizens only.

    “We tried to pass a bill that would make sure that it was clear that our congressional seats and allocations were based on citizenship, and that was unanimously opposed by Democrats,” Roy revealed. “So you see the fault line politically here.”

    “This is why this issue matters so much on the top of Biden dumping in five million people into our country, plus two million got-aways, you know, tens of thousands every day additionally, coming in,” the congressman said, noting that there are more than 51 million foreign born people in the United States.

    “I don’t think people realize that — 51, 5-1. Fifty-one and a half-a-million people in this country are foreign born — highest percentage in the history of our nation,” he said.

    “That means this: if you have a green card, right, if you have a green card here … this would apply to them too, right?” host Mike Slater asked. “You’re not allowed to vote in federal elections, but you could fill out the form just the same, right?”

    “Right,” Roy said, noting that some of those foreign born individuals have become citizens at this point.

    “Now, I don’t have the number in front of me,” he said, adding, “We talk about noncitizens voting; we neither want illegals, nor do we want green card holding noncitizens to be voting in elections.”

    “Citizenship has to matter,” Roy pressed.
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    The corrupt DemonRats do not want Voter ID so they can continue to cheat in our elections like they have been for decades.

    Pulling the "race" card that people cannot get Voter IDs to vote, it is discrimination. What hogwash!

    How many millions of minorities are driving on our roads and have drivers' licenses? How in the world did they manage that all by their little selves?

    Should it be "racist" to require all drivers to have a license to drive? Perhaps we should do away with driver's licenses. Anybody can drive, no license required.

    No more checking IDs to buy liquor, that would be "racist".

    Is it also "racist" to have to present a Real ID to fly in this country whether you are white, brown, black or yellow?

    But according to Joe Biden and the democrats' illegal aliens are NOT required to have Photo ID, be vetted, and can fly anywhere they "choose", on our dime. Not so fast, if you are a legal U.S. citizen with no ID, you will not be permitted to board the flight.

    So, are minorities not flying because they cannot get a Real ID? Of course they have IDs, and they are flying.

    Democrats are corrupt liars and are so full of crap they stink.



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