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    24 Hour Warning: Decisive final hours in battle against Amnesty for illegals

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    The next 24 hours are critical and could easily be decisive in our battle to stop amnesty and illegal immigration. We just received word that McCain is laying down a desperate fall back plan to pass amnesty next Spring if we succeed in stopping Amnesty in 2013!

    While this is encouraging good news, the reports are clear that the full force of the open borders lobby is being applied to GOP lawmakers today with hundreds of illegal alien activists flooding their offices with people and calls demanding amnesty! The US Chamber of Commerce and other multimillion dollar lobbying and advertising campaigns are all deployed to pass amnesty NOW!

    It is up to you to fight back with all you can today and tomorrow, and whether you fight and how you fight could make the difference between victory or defeat a few short weeks down the line! The chances of Amnesty passing are teetering back and forth right now.

    Please take the following actions, then rally others to our aid...

    Step 1: ALIPAC only has 24 hours left before our Nov 1 deadline to raise a minimum of $30,000 to both fight these multimillion dollar amnesty efforts and sustain operations through 2014. At the time of this email alert, we have raised only $25,000. Please put ALIPAC back in the fight against amnesty full force by making a donation at our secure online donations link before the deadline in 24 hours...

    Step 2: ALIPAC has identified the 32 GOP turncoats who plan to vote with the Democrats to send an illegal alien amnesty bill to Obama's desk. While all 32 need to hear from you, we have created a smaller and more targeted list of the top 12 we believe to be the most vulnerable to a strong GOP Primary challenger in 2014.

    We need your help recruiting and identifying the right GOP primary challengers for these 12, and while that search goes on, we need you to hit these offices hard!

    Hit their DC offices and hit all their district offices! Hit them on the phones, their social media, by fax, and by mail in that order of importance.

    We hear their staffers are ready to fight with you, they are ready to confuse, deny, and lie.

    Are you ready to fight????

    (Create your own distinctive version of this sample message)
    "I am dedicated to removing _______ from office in the GOP Primaries of 2014 due to his efforts to supply Obama and the Democrats with the illegal alien amnesty they want. I know that __________ is out of line with more than 4 out of 5 GOP voters by supporting amnesty for illegal aliens and I plan to use my time and resources to target him for removal from office over this issue!"

    ALIPAC's Top 12 Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporting Targets in the US Congress

    We are providing you with the national organization, the right messages, the right strategies, and the right targets to defeat Amnesty and then proceed to take a lot of these politicians out of office in 2014.

    Step 3: If you are within a 3 hour drive of Vista, CA we need you physically present outside Issa's offices with our other supporters to send a clear message you want him to abandon his plan to file an amnesty bill next week! Our largest support base is in Southern California... please mobilize!

    Protest against Darrell Issa's illegal alien amnesty Thur Oct 31 11am PT Vista, CA

    We need you to send in your support and pick up your phone and keyboards and take action... now... for the next 24 hours!

    Get in the battle, folks! We need to hear from you with your support and these illegal alien supporters need to hear from you with your opposition!

    Let's roll!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: We need each of you to make 12 calls to the 12 offices we target above and then send in your donation of any amount right away before the deadline in 24 hours. Currently, we do not have the funds to fight amnesty well or make it into 2014. You have 24 hours to decide if you want to fight and if you want to keep the national organization that has played a key roll in defeating amnesty for you before in operation.

    Please call Congress and donate to ALIPAC now!
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