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    3 Volunteer Steps to fight to save American lives from invasion

    Reach out to your local GOP lawmakers and campaigns now and share & discuss this call to action on (Twitter HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    We need ALIPAC's online volunteers in every state to begin contacting every Republican lawmaker and campaign they can on all levels of government to assist with our three election strategies using the simple three steps below. By using search engines, websites, and local boards of election info, please use calls and emails to... (If you can dial numbers, talk on a phone, send emails, or click a computer mouse, you can help)

    1. Gather the names and emails of all 2024 GOP candidates in your state and local area. (You will need this list for subsequent phases)

    2. Send them this email message...

    "I'm writing to provide (Lawaker or Campaign Name Here) with this illegal immigration issue resource documenting the 'thousands of Americans Killed By Illegals' (<--- repeat this language all the way through the 2024 elections.)

    Please let me know if you have reviewed and stored this documentation and if you will join our fight to save American lives from this corporation, Billionaire, & Democrat-sponsored invasion.

    New Website


    Americans Killed By Illegals Documentation Collection Area

    (Your name and contact info here)"

    Additional Assistance: Please post these two links everywhere you can on social media and websites, in comments below videos and articles, in emails and in online forums. Each link you post attracts more visitors and higher visibility/impact.

    3. Focus heavily on Republican lawmakers & campaigns for the US House and Senate, as this information should increase the pressure to impeach Mayorkis, Harris, & Biden. Also include your local and state lawmakers and campaigns (candidates for Senate, Congress, Governor, Council of State, State Senate, State House, Sheriff, County Commission.)

    Then, send your list of names and emails to to be included on our ALIPAC press release list to receive information about our three-prongued strategy for the 2024 elections.

    Our online activists at will continue working to build up the list and amount of documentation from our archives and as new 100% preventable deaths are reported.

    Let's get as many volunteers into action as possible!

    We are currently raising funds to A. Sustain our operations B. reach out to prior donors by mail, and C. Launch phase 2 (hopefully next week) for "NonCitizen & illegal migrant voters" info consolidation and presentation.

    Please fund our efforts at...

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622
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