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    Very simple steps to fight the Biden Harris border invasion

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Please consider the following free or affordable steps to fight back against the Biden-Harris border invasion designed to give Democrat socialists all the votes they need to dominate America forevermore.

    . Please help improve our email deliverability to you and other patriots by

    Make sure is on your White List using instructions for any email service (HERE).

    Please add the name you use for your email account on our email delivery service by clicking on UPDATE PREFERENCES at the bottom of this and every email you receive from us. You can then receive an email with a link where you can add the name associated with your email into the boxes.

    These two simple steps will help us have a more substantial chance of bypassing big tech censors striving to prevent us from reaching, aiding, influencing, or mobilizing you.

    . We need more people participating in our Discussion Groups at to build and maintain the world's largest archive of info about the illegal immigration invasion of America since 2004. Comments placed there end up being viewed by thousands of people and archived under your alias in the US Library of Congress.

    If you would like an account to comment, simply reply to this email or send to your desired USERNAME and PASSWORD, and I'll create an account.

    We specifically need more people making thoughtful and informative comments beneath our announcements in this top section of our site at...

    3. One of our supporters, who is very active in the forums at, has made a $500 matching funds offer to help support our efforts to keep these valuable archives available to the public, lawmakers, and candidates.

    Please help fund our operations by having your donation DOUBLED up to $500 by contributing now via our secure donations page at...
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    Warning ALIPAC organized American defenders,

    Yesterday, we sent an email with two activist requests and a $500 match to encourage our donors to support the current funds drive. (Review HERE)

    We only raised $30 of the $500 matching offer!
    That means it would take us 16 emails to you to hit that goal and we are not going to do that.

    What we are going to do is throw ALIPAC into Emergency Mode. At this time we are placing all attention and activities on the second funds drive. All current ALIPAC candidate support and activism campaigns are paused.

    Please help us match this $500 offer to get our numbers up immediately if you value our past accomplishments and current efforts in the national battle against illegal immigration at this secure link....

    The Team

    PS: We will update everyone this evening on our progress or lack thereof.
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