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    48 Hours Left For Us To Find Patriots Willing to Fight Obama and Sellout Republicans

    At the time of this e-mail alert, we only have 48 hours left in ALIPAC's final funds drive of 2012! Please forward this message as we must have more Americans who are willing to fight both Obama and sellout Amnesty supporting Republicans like Boehner and Graham. Please show you will help us in this fight with your donation at

    ALIPAC has currently raised only $22,155 of the $30,000 we must raise to keep our doors open going into 2013 and to return to the fight against Obama's dictate for Amnesty. We also must fight his plan to work with sellout Republicans like US Senator Lindsey Graham and House Speaker John Boehner to pass legislative Amnesty as they have announced.

    We only have 48 hours left before our make or break deadline!

    We can stop Obama's Amnesty dictate with Congressman Steve King's soon to be filed lawsuit and ALIPAC's plan to lead an unprecedented political revolution in 2014. We can stop the legislative Amnesty using new strategic plans from ALIPAC like the unique ones that we generated and used to defeat Amnesty bills before not once but 6 times!

    Our problem is that we need more Americans to step up to the plate to help the thousands of us who have been carrying the fight up until this point. Some Americans have surrendered; we need Americans who are still willing to fight even when the outcome of the battle is unknown and the odds are dire!

    Are you an American patriot who is willing to stand with ALIPAC against illegal immigration and against any form of Amnesty that rewards illegals?

    If so, you have 48 hours left to keep ALIPAC in the national fight by donating via our secure online donations page here....

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: ALIPAC has done well fighting hundreds of illegal alien invasion supporting organizations that have millions of your tax dollars in their accounts. We have done so on a shoe string budget that places us in the lowest 5% of national nonprofit group budgets. While we have given you great value for a small amount of funds, we cannot continue unless enough of you step up in the next 48 hours to help us raise the remaining $8,000 to complete our mission for 2013.

    Please donate what you can afford now here....
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    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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