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Important alerts:

Item 1: NumbersUSA has called for our assistance to defeat an amnesty attempt in the Congress associated with an agriculture bill. You can find more information about this at this link.

If you want to e-mail, call, or fax Congress to assist, you can use NumbersUSA resources or our Alipac Action Panel (AAP) located at this link. ... age&pid=19

Item 2: ALIPAC's President, William Gheen, will be on 680am-WPTF from 7-8am on Tuesday April 20th (The Kevin Miller Show). El Pueblo, a local Latino activist group that supports licenses and in-state tuition for illegal aliens has backed out of the debate short notice. William Gheen will be making an important announcement on the show so please listen in.

Item 3: Local and Federal Authorities are now admitting that MS-13 has infiltrated North Carolina. Read more at this link. ... le&sid=320

Item 4: ALIPAC's April fund raiser and membership drive is in full swing! To learn more visit this link...

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