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Thread: ALIPAC Battle Plans Against illegal immigration for 2017

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    ALIPAC Battle Plans Against illegal immigration for 2017

    Friends of ALIPAC,


    We hope that all of you have had time to rest and relax through the holidays and get ready to fight to save America once again in 2017.

    While powerful victories in the 2016 elections were achieved thanks to many years of hard work stopping amnesty legislation and building up public and candidate knowledge about the threats and dangers posed by illegal immigration and Muslim refugee resettlement, this war is far from over.

    The most dangerous threat we face today is America going back to sleep thinking that just one election will save the day.

    It is imperative that we work hard to keep the American public engaged with these issues and mounting pressure on all DC politicians.

    One of the biggest threats to the Trump campaign's promise to enforce our existing immigration and border laws is the alliance between the open borders Democrats and their counterparts in the GOP like John McCain, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, and the many other pro-Amnesty GOP lawmakers on the Cantor List (Click to View).

    Thankfully, we have many new supporters joining our organization who are interested in helping us fight.

    We must now connect the anti-illegal immigration voices of American patriots like you with state and federal lawmakers in a historic and powerfully influential way in 2017!

    To accomplish this goal, we have new battle plans to take our fight to Washington DC, and state legislatures across America like never before!

    We believe that we may have strong momentum in early 2017 to pursue our goal of stopping and reversing illegal immigration in America to fight to save very American taxpayer resource, job, and life we can from this elitist backed invasion and overthrow of our homeland.

    It is clear from recent news reports that RINO Republicans plan to thwart Trump's border security and deportation plans and attempt to insert AMNESTY provisions into legislation right away. They will probably also try to undermine Trump's appointment of our friend and ally in the fight against amnesty, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

    So here is part of our new battle plans for ALIPAC's fight against illegal immigration and amnesty in 2017.

    2017 Battle Plans for Trump's First 100 days in office

    -- Plan unprecedented lobbying blitz against amnesty and in support of Trump's campaign promises to enforce immigration laws that will include activists working from home to support our new ground team in DC! Support Trump's promises while holding him accountable for what he has promised American voters he would do which earned him ALIPAC's endorsement and support. We need a good name for this new effort.

    -- Implement new strategies designed to help ALIPAC reach, organize, and rally more Americans against the open-borders politicians in DC and the states in ways that will bypass the censorship and suppression we face from the corporate media and Silicon Valley tech firms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

    -- Expand public and lawmaker knowledge and activism efforts to put a stop to the true threat of illegal immigrant voters that are being pumped in rapidly by the Obama administration at this very moment. ALIPAC knows how and where to find the illegal voters, and we can help provide legal and legislative remedies for both federal and state governments. Secure our borders and ballots!

    -- Push for a new "American Dream Act" whereby the federal government creates a special program to help compensate the children or grandchildren of US Citizens murdered by illegal immigrants afford college. The illegal alien supporters have spent billions of dollars building up the name "Dream Act" to represent a form of amnesty for illegals that includes in-state tuition access to US colleges for these imported socialist minions. But what about all of the American sons and daughters and grandchildren that will not have access to college because their seat was stolen by an illegal immigrant or their family was destroyed by an illegal alien drunk driver or violent criminal? Let's take some of the more than 125 billion dollars America can save in federal taxes alone by getting illegals out of our nation and invest some of those funds to help repair some of the damage done. While financial help affording college can never replace the thousands of innocent American men, women, children, and infants being slaughtered by illegal aliens on our soil each year, it at least makes some effort to compensate these families for our government's wilful efforts to import and sustain illegal immigrants.

    These are our four main battle plans for 2017 if we can keep our 2016 momentum going and stay on offense. Of course, the enemy will seek to put us on defense by filing amnesty legislation soon in DC.

    Please send your comments and feedback to us by emailing or replying to this e-mail.

    We hope that each of you will help us fight harder than ever before to push every illegal immigrant we can out of America and to shut down the catastrophic flow of illegal aliens at our borders as soon as possible in 2017!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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