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    ALIPAC Goes Into Emergency Survival Mode

    Warning all ALIPAC organized activists!

    We are turning off our online ads and putting a halt on all activism efforts to turn our supporter's attention to our lagging funds drive. Unfortunately, we must halt our momentum against those in DC trying to get Amnesty through via the budget reconciliation bill and ask everyone to focus on the funds drive at...

    We just did the math and found we have only raised $13,259 of the $20,000 we must raise by Nov. 15 (5 Days Away).

    This means that ALIPAC does not have enough funds for current operations or to complete our mission against Amnesty legislation and in support of illegal immigration fighting candidates through the end of 2021.

    Please assist us here...

    We had hoped many of you would be pleased with our success, to this point, stopping Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi's Amnesty legislation in DC.

    At this level, we do not have the funds to finish the month of November, and we must raise the remaining 7k or close our doors and end our operations forever.

    If you value ALIPAC and our current fight and past contributions to the nation (View Here), we need to hear from you immediately at...

    We are sorry to have to break our momentum like this; we either raise the funds we need, or we close down for good. That is how ALIPAC has operated by popular demand since 2004.

    I hope big tech does not prevent this message from reaching you and hope apathy and inflation does not stop you from helping us.

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    PS: The next email you receive from us will contain a calculation of how long we can remain in operation, including the donations of $10 or more you make at...
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