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Thread: ALIPAC's Final Endorsements of 2012 & New Illegal Alien Voters Documented

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    ALIPAC's Final Endorsements of 2012 & New Illegal Alien Voters Documented

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Big thanks to Fox and Friends for running the story about our official complaints being filed with federal and state election officials regarding the illegal immigrant voters documented in Nevada. This morning we have a new media documentation of illegal immigrant voters in Massachusetts. ALIPAC will announce a new round of formal written complaints regarding Massachusetts later today in response to this breaking news!

    More Illegal Immigrant Voters Documented in Massachusetts

    Today is Election Day 2012! We need all of you take the following actions we list below. Just voting is not enough!

    ALIPAC is adding 6 new candidates to our 2012 Endorsements raising the number of ALIPAC endorsed candidates to 151!

    ALIPAC 2012 Endorsed Candidates That Need Your Support Today

    You can now find these additional 6 candidates on our master list....

    District 7: ENDORSED Don Chamberlain for Congress, Republican, Challenger, NumbersUSA True Reformer

    At-Large: ENDORSED Don Young for Congress, Republican, Incumbent, NumbersUSA Grade of A


    4th district: ENDORSED Paul Gosar for Congress, Republican, Incumbent, NumbersUSA Grade of A

    6th district: ENDORSED David Schweikert for Congress, Republican, Incumbent, NumbersUSA Grade of A+


    32nd district: ENDORSED David Miller for Congress, Republican, Challenger, True Reformer Vs. an incumbent with an F!

    51st district: ENDORSED Michael Crimmins for Congress, Republican, Open Seat, NumbersUSA True Reformer, ALIPAC Survey

    Please take the following steps today.

    Step 1: Share ALIPAC's Endorsements far and wide by e-mail, word of mouth, and social media. Simply email or post this link with a small note

    Step 2: Go vote for our candidates and don't stop there. Then we want you to grab friends, family members, and neighbors and bring them out to vote for our candidates who oppose illegal immigration and amnesty.

    Step 3: Still time to volunteer! Most of these campaigns have short staffed campaign headquarters that you can call or reach online by clicking on their names on our list. Go vote and then go to their campaign HQ and ask to help out. You should also check with the volunteers working the polls on election day to see if you can find someone working for our candidates. If so, ask them for some cards to hand out and offer to work your poll with them on election day. Or you can ask them to direct you where your help is needed. Many current and potential ALIPAC supporters are working very hard today and they need your help. You can do it, just step out your door and approach them and offer to help at their headquarters, websites, or via their poll workers you will be walking past as you go vote!

    Step 4: Make the connections! Next year when we find ourselves fighting the next illegal alien amnesty attempt, you will find yourself wishing there was something more you could do to stop it. If you work on a campaign today, or you have donated to one of our candidates, or if you just voted for them, then call their campaign and ask where supporters will gather for election results tonight. Join the campaign supporters tonight and politely let everyone know, including the candidate and candidate's family, that you are there due to their opposition to illegal immigration. Make a note of any contact information you can collect for the candidate or their campaign and office staff.

    Candidates remember what people say to them on election night, and campaign and office staff make a point to remember those who care enough to be there on election night. Besides, there is usually great food at these events and lots of great patriots like you!

    The connections you make on election night can help you find a job and defeat amnesty legislation in the future.

    ALIPAC was founded by campaign workers gathered together awaiting results for a campaign in North Carolina back in 2004. This is where you can find people like us.

    Please consider telling the candidate and candidate's supporters...

    "I (voted for, worked for, donated to) this campaign because of ______'s opposition to illegal immigration or any form of amnesty for illegal aliens."

    Special thanks to all of you who have paid the bills at ALIPAC and volunteered to support our candidates in 2012!

    We have one last day to do all we can!

    Tonight ALIPAC will be monitoring the election results as they come in and monitoring the nation for any mayhem that you might need to know about.

    Yours in the cause,

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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    I believe Frank Morganthaler (We the People) was unintentionally left off the endorsed Congressional list. New York 17th

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