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Thread: ALIPAC's Open Letter Regarding Trump's Lost Endorsement

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    ALIPAC's Open Letter Regarding Trump's Lost Endorsement

    ALIPAC's Open Letter Regarding Trump's Lost Endorsement

    by William Gheen

    May 2, 1017

    We realize that today's press release announcing that ALIPAC is dropping our endorsement of Donald Trump (VIEW RELEASE) is likely to cause much concern and disappointment among Americans like us who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals. We hope that this open letter will help answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions.

    This is Not "Fake News"

    While we certainly understand that after the heavy barrage of false and misleading claims made against Donald Trump over the last two years by liberal groups, activists, and members of the media, most Trump supporters are rightfully skeptical of any claims that would be damaging to Trump. That is not the case with ALIPAC's dropped endorsement, press release, or concerns.

    We are reporting on Trump's real decisions and actions while in office, and these statements and deliberations are being made by Trump supporters and people who wanted Trump's promises to be real. We strive to be highly accurate at ALIPAC even if we must deliver news you don't want to hear or believe is true.

    We are not "liberals"

    While there are many liberals that support ALIPAC's mission to save every American job, tax resource, and life we can from the perils of illegal immigration, we are not a "liberal" group. Many liberals in the media and politics are highly subjective and prone to making false and exaggerated claims on a regular basis. At ALIPAC, we pride ourselves on our adherence to the truth and it is through the power of truth that we have prevailed in many battles against those forcing illegal immigration upon us all.

    While Americans for Legal Immigration PAC prides ourselves on our support from Americans of all backgrounds, races, ages, and walks of life, the largest segment of our group's supporters would be accurately described as conservatives, most vote Republican, and all are true American patriots.

    We represent an important part of Trump's base of support that is leaving the "Trump Train" because of President Trump's broken promises on his most important powerful issue: illegal immigration.

    Democrats, Congress, & Courts are NOT Preventing Trump from keeping these promises!

    Many people are trying to make excuses for Trump claiming that Congress is stopping him or the courts will stop him. On the issue of DACA Amnesty, only Trump could end that program as he promised to do day #1 and there is nothing Congress or the courts could do to stop him because DACA is not a law! DACA Amnesty was created by Obama out of thin air using memos!

    Trump could also easily end refugee resettlement programs through memos and Executive Orders but he is not doing what he promised.

    The problem with the issues ALIPAC is using to rate Donald Trump and end his endorsement by our group are NOT being caused by courts, Democrats, or Congress!

    The Power of ALIPAC's Endorsements

    While ALIPAC has always been a small budget operation, our ability to influence elections, legislation, and policies has been based on our extensive volunteer support. ALIPAC volunteers are Americans whom we have organized since 9/11/2004 who care deeply about America's future. Our past contributions and accomplishments are the reason amnesty has been defeated in Congress at least five times in the last ten years.

    And while we do not have the funds that the open borders groups and industries like the US Chamber of Commerce have, our predictions have been highly accurate. ALIPAC has often been the first organization to lead the charge into burning buildings and the first to run out and warn others of impending collapse, so to speak.

    While we may be one of the first groups representing Trump's base on immigration issues to leave the fold, we won't be the last. ALIPAC's announcement about Trump will be considered as a warning sign among many American patriots that we have been lied to, misled, and betrayed, and our warning will have far reaching implications for the Trump administration and his band of pro-Amnesty advisors and cabinet members.

    Don't Blame the ALIPAC Messenger, Blame Trump

    In anticipation of many nastigrams from Trump supporters, we'd like you to consider that ALIPAC dropping our endorsement is something we must do because our organization does not support illegal immigrant amnesty supporters.

    Donald Trump's continuation of Obama's DACA Amnesty and his support for dangerous refugee resettlement efforts that he campaigned against makes him both a hypocrite and a politician we would oppose instead of supporting.

    Those decisions were Donald Trump's and he made them, so if you are upset with the message we are sending, please don't "shoot the messenger." You should contact Donald Trump with your complaints as we have been doing for the last 100 days to no avail. ALIPAC activists have done all in our power and reached out to Trump every way we can think of. From calling the White House, sending letters, and calling members of Congress, to sending messages towards Trump on social media, we've done all we can to ask him to honor the campaign promises he made.

    We are not anti-Trump socialists. We are Trump supporters who are reducing, ending, or revoking our support because of Trump's broken promises.

    Keeping An Important Promise

    When ALIPAC endorsed Donald Trump when he needed help at a critical time in the GOP primary, we lost about 25% of our donors because they did not trust Trump or they supported Ted Cruz.

    We took a big, almost organization-ending hit to support Trump.

    At that time, I received many e-mails and calls asking me if I trusted Donald Trump.

    I explained that our endorsement was based on Trump taking the lead on our issues and even using many of the statements we've made to the public over the years. We made it clear our goal was to support the Americans who were supporting Trump more than the man himself.

    I pointed out that I did not know Donald Trump personally, received no benefits from endorsing him, and that since Trump had no history fighting illegal immigration prior to his run for President, we could not evaluate his integrity on these promises.

    But I did promise everyone who wrote to me that if Donald Trump broke any of his important promises about illegal immigration that I would be among the first Americans to stand up and hold him accountable.

    So today, I am honoring my promise to hold Donald Trump accountable for his promises.

    He is failing to honor his promises and we are now picking up reports that he may be trying to pass an immigration reform amnesty bill soon just like his predecessors Obama and Bush!

    So as a way to increase pressure on Donald Trump even further we are dropping our endorsement.

    Donald Trump has violated his campaign promises, the US Constitution, and his oath of office to protect and defend our Constitution by giving DACA Amnesty to illegals without the corresponding legislation that would have had to pass for that to take place.

    Preparing to Battle Amnesty Legislation Once Again

    At this time due to the numerous signals we are receiving including the pro-Amnesty comments by Trump's media affairs director and spokeswoman Helen Aguirre Ferre (Listen to Interview), we need to drop our endorsement of Trump and begin preparing a new American defense against Amnesty.

    It appears that despite his emphatic and bombastic campaign rhetoric, Trump is on the same "Secure the Borders First" Amnesty plan that has been supported by notorious amnesty backers like John McCain, Paul Ryan, the Gang of Eight, Jeb and GW Bush, and Obama!

    ALIPAC has accurately warned Americans that "Secure The Borders First" rhetoric from Republicans means Secure the Borders Never and has been in practice for awhile now among pro-Amnesty Republicans like Rep. Michael McCaul! (View Details)

    It has been ALIPAC strategies that have led the way stopping that kind of border and nation destroying legislation in DC several times before. So at this time we hope you will understand why we are dropping our endorsements and we hope you will join our e-mail alerts at as we prepare to fight Donald Trump's amnesty legislation expected to arise as early as this summer!

    Please contact me directly at or at (919) 787-6009 if I can provide you with any further information or explanation regarding ALIPAC dropping our endorsement of Donald Trump and our next steps in the fight to save America from the planned illegal immigration overthrow of our elections and nation.

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    In Response To Criticism We Are Receiving by phone and e-mail.

    Our decision to drop our endorsement of Trump was made with great care after exhaustive efforts to get him to honor his campaign promises.

    We will be glad to answer any questions, but first please take the time to carefully read our press release here...

    and our open letter here...

    As you can see we worked for Trump, fought for Trump, gave money to Trump, fought Trump's adversaries, and defended him since 2015. We endorsed him in Feb 2016 even though we lost 25% of our donors that were backing Cruz! (Read ALIPAC's Feb 2016 Endorsement of Trump)

    Donald Trump's decision to not end Obama's unconstitutional DACA Amnesty and dangerous Muslim refugee resettlement are his own decisions to break those promises and have nothing to do with courts, Congress, or Democrats who are powerless to stop him on those topics.

    Each day Donald Trump engages in the same despicable Amnesty program Obama created is a day all Americans are deprived of a Constitutionally governed nation! DACA Amnesty nullifies existing laws created by Congress as a result of the outcome of many elections! Americans have rejected amnesty again and again, yet Amnesty is our policy through dictatorial actions by Obama and now Trump! Upholding the Constitution, our existing laws, and resisting this kind of tyranny must be the first objective of all Americans otherwise our elections and laws mean nothing!

    100+ days is more than enough time for Trump to violate the Constitution, violate his oath of office, violate his campaign promises, and violate our existing immigration laws by giving jobs, ID, and Amnesty to illegal aliens before we have finally spoken out.

    Our activists tried to reach Trump for months in every way imaginable to ask him to honor his promises and Trump ignored our requests.

    Our organization opposes amnesty for illegal aliens and the politicians that support Amnesty including Donald Trump and we will no longer support a man who lied to us about ending DACA on his first day. We will not support a man who quickly retreats on his promise to fund the border wall and a man that signed an Executive Order raising dangerous refugee resettlement programs to Obama's average of 62,000 per year!

    We understand that a lot of people are as disappointed by this as we are, but we will be working to hold Trump accountable and hope you will join us in that effort by joining our email alerts at

    William Gheen

    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009
    FEC ID: C00405878
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    Since so many here at ALIPAC's forum endorsed Cruz over Trump before he finally secured the Republican nomination. And since Cruz still represents an opposing force to Trump's presidency and a second term, we need to know exactly where Cruz stands on the exact same issues and exactly whether he is doing what he can do if Trump is not doing what he can do.
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    Cruz has no chance in 2020. Cruz is over. But he is still a US Senator and should step up to the plate as a member of Congress and our prestigious US Senate and introduce legislation that ends executive authority to issue any permit especially work permits to illegal aliens for any reason. I'd like to see Steve King introduce such a bill in the House, because Steve King has been upset about this DACA 2012 from what I've read since DHS first issued the memo in 2012. This is 5 long years later, so it's time for Congress to act so that this never happens again, not for DACAs or any of the other several million work permits that have been issued to illegal aliens through a "shadow system" inside USCIS by the Executive Branch over the years in direct conflict with the goals and purpose of US immigration law.

    We actually need an immediate 10 to 20 Year Moratorium on All Immigration, to give us time to sort out this giant nasty stinking disgusting immigration hairball.
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