I'm writing from The Associated Press in New York, seeking comment for a story I'm working on looking at payments immigrants receive from the federal government when they come to the U.S.

My reporting found that a claim ALIPAC made on this subject, that "illegal aliens" receive $2,200 per month from the federal government, is not correct.

I've gotten confirmation from multiple immigration experts that people who are in the U.S. illegally are not eligible for federal benefits, with rare exceptions. Certain groups in the country legally, such as refugees or people granted asylum, may receive cash assistance, but at much lower levels.

Do you have further evidence to provide, or would you like to comment? (I'm planning to publish my story Monday afternoon.)

Thank you,
ALIPAC's Reply

Melissa & AP,

Your "immigration experts" are clearly mistaken, lying, or both if their goal is to claim illegals are not receiving taxpayer resources.

Illegal immigrants are being wrongfully and willfully misclassified as "asylum seekers" and "refugees" by to justify our federal government's gross violation of numerous existing immigration laws and daily commission of mass felonies.

We did not make the original claim about the $2,200, we simply reported on and circulated the video & claim by Tucker Carlson and Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor in an interview viewed more than and provided our media list and activists with a link to the video segment with that content at...


We know we hit a nerve because of how viral the information spread and by the left's reaction eagerly trying to convince people that it's not true! You should ask Tucker and Col Macgregor to comment on the numbers we simply reported on. We have a lot of confidence in Tucker Carlson due to his record of outstanding reporting and journalism.

The US state department has admitted they give $2,375 in taxpayer funds per "refugee" but then admit there are many other sources of funding then directed at these "migrants' from groups, states, and cities after they are flown or bused into the US interior at taxpayer expense. Regardless of the final figures, it is a multi billion dollar federally sponsored human trafficking operation designed to overthrow the 2024 elections.

ALIPAC stands by the large volume of documentation that shows illegal aliens misclassified as refugees or asylum seekers are receiving taxpayer funneled monies for lodging, healthcare, education, clothing, food, transportation, and cel phones and in the eyes of the rightfully enraged American public... they should receive nothing to entice them to come here in violation of our Constitution and laws.

Since the amount each fake asylum seeking illegal alien receives fluctuates and is hard to nail down to an exact estimate, we simply accurately state "they receive $2,200+"

Please let us know if you would like us to prepare a sizeable document collection for you to bring you up to speed on all of these documented expenditures US taxpayers are being forced to provide for an illegal alien invasion expressly forbidden by the Aritcle IV, Section 4, of the US Constitution.

You can clearly see the evidence of their impact on the devastated budgets of New York and Chicago and heavy illegal immigration impact states like California who are all begging DC and US taxpayers for a bail out to cover the expenses they are paying for illegals who should be deported rapidly under existing US laws.

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC


PS: Clarification: Yes, it is true that by law illegals are not supposed to receive payments from the federal government, but they are and they are not supposed to be registering to vote or voting or working jobs either, but they are. Since it is illegal for illegal immigrants to work jobs in America, why are DHS employees committing mass felonies each day giving work authorization to illegal alien invaders?