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    Americans Overwelmed: Situation going from bad to worse!

    HEADLINES: Illegals with TB pumped into 44 states, US citizens asked to house illegal invaders, state bill to turn illegals into police officers, 2 Amnesty bills in DC, AP poll shows government not listening to citizens on immigration issues!


    Attention all ALIPAC-organized American defenders! There is so much incredibly bad news coming in that our grassroots organization cannot handle it all so at this point, we are asking each of you to politically engage as much as you can, where you can, while alerting others! (Engage at will!)

    This email will provide you with what you need to take action and easily transmit our call to action to others, but you are going to have to work out many of the specifics on your own. Reply to this email or post on our social media channels or forums if you need assistance or direction.

    1. Only 12 days left until our fundraising deadline at the end of the month and our numbers are very low. Please support our call for funding for our operations ASAP via

    2. We need help sustaining our activism efforts opposing nation-destroying mass Amnesty bills for illegals in DC HR 3043 (View) and HR 3599 (View) please keep calling those DC offices using our active activism program at this link...

    We need you to use email, forums, social media, talk radio shows, letters, calls, and text messages to circulate these powerful stories coming in and to find lawmakers, media, and government employees to call in opposition ON YOUR OWN! (Most of you know how to do this by now)

    It starts with reading, sharing, then doing what you can on which of these mean the most to you and your community.

    Illegal immigrant kids with tuberculosis infections released into 44 states

    Illinois bill would allow NON-AMERICANS to become POLICE OFFICERS in the Prairie State

    Massachusetts Calls on Residents to Take Border Crossers into Their Homes

    AP Poll: Gov’t Doesn’t Listen to Voters on Immigration Concerns

    Remember that the materials at each of these links are set up with easy-to-share features for email, texts, website, and social media posting. Each read, link in, and comment made at these links increases audience size. All comments and posts are eventually archived by the US Library of Congress but this does not mean the information will reach lawmakers, candidates, and voters without your assistance. <<----

    ALIPAC needs more online volunteers posting materials, commenting, and sharing and if you would like a free account to make comments and posts please follow the instructions at...

    Please be polite, persistent, and patient as the paid online trolls will move against OUR efforts to inform Americans about these issues, and many Americans will be shocked, stunned, and in a state of detachment and disbelief!

    Let's roll ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and the team.

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    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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