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    The Battle to Save America is raging this week!

    ALIPAC Supporters:

    This is being prepared for you in a rush. Please forgive any typos or errors.

    Over 100 new supporters have joined this list in the last 48 hours! There are over 5,000 of us now and we all need to pull together and work together.

    Our friends in DC tell us the voting could continue through Sat. We need all volunteers and activists focused on opposition to the Guest Worker Amnesty. You can continue to distribute our news about the censorship by the NC AP Wire and the illegal alien with the 44k job and 123k mortgage to your local and national contacts too. This news is moving up the chain and may break national in the next few days. The NC AP Wire has a road block up and is still preventing this news from reaching our citizens. Keep pushing! Most of the talk radio stations in NC are telling their listeners and I will be on several radio shows around the state and nation this week pushing.

    The homepage daily updates have resumed at and we are loading up top stories to help you fight Guest Worker. Please take the time to read everything we put on the homepage this week.

    Do not be discouraged or deceived by the bogus poll the Wall Street Journal is pushing. They want to claim that most Americans support Guest Worker and this is contrary to many other polls that show us that a super majority of Americans oppose any bill that legalizes illegal aliens currently in the US.


    Get on the phones to your member of Congress and Senate Representatives. If you have called them already, call them again. Then proceed to call your entire state delegation.

    Tell each of them politely that you vote and that you will actively work against any member of Congress that votes for any amnesty, guest worker, temporary worker program regardless of their record on other immigration issues.

    Here are our Lobbying Resources for you to use. ... age&pid=19

    Many of our supporters are also working with to send faxes. NumbersUSA has correctly proclaimed this week the most important week in the struggle to secure our borders and block amnesty disquised as a worker program.

    Our citizen activists are standing by to assist you and your efforts in our Discussion Boards 24/7.

    We need everyone in this fight and on the ready line till Congress adjourns for the holiday.

    The Open Borders crowd is pushing for Guest Worker now for two reasons. One, they expect public backlash to be reduced due to the holidays. Two, they know it will much harder to get this legislation through once the campaigns start.

    We must hold the line. We need you calling and emailing. Emailing and calling. Day and night, let's put all we have into this fight.

    Kind regards,

    William Gheen
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC

    Not an ALIPAC supporter yet? We need your support and contributions today to strengthen our efforts. Please visit this link to contribute as soon as possible.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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