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Thread: Can we stop the current illegal immigration backed Civil War against Americans?

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    Can we stop the current illegal immigration backed Civil War against Americans?

    Can we stop the current illegal immigration backed civil war against Americans? William Gheen/ALIPAC on the Bobby Gunther Walsh weekday morning show on WAEB (Audio HERE)

    We believe there is already a civil war in America being conducted against We The People of these United States, a type of illegal immigration backed Fourth Generation Warfare (Learn More HERE) and Fifth Generation Warfare (Learn More Here).

    Please listen in and share and let us know how you feel about what we are broadcasting to talk radio audiences...

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    I believe the people are waking up. They are FED up with illegal aliens being dumped in their communities and our citizens are footing the bill for it out of their wallets through taxes. $450 billion!

    They are destroying our cities and rural communities. They stuff 20 people into one home to live cheap and destroy entire blocks of neighborhoods while continuing to pop out anchor rats like a Pez Dispenser! It is disgusting. Then have the Gaul to send over $60 billion back to their countries and we are not taxing a dime of it!

    They are destroying and bankrupting our schools and healthcare system. They are driving up our car insurance costs due to DUI, no insurance, horrific car wrecks, and auto theft. While the cockroaches run off, do not pay, and are not punished or deported for it.


    No Amnesty #8
    No DACA
    No Path to Stay
    No Birthright Citizenship
    No Taxpayer Funded Benefits
    No Healthcare
    No School
    No Housing
    No Bank Accounts
    No Driver's License

    President Trump did not cause the "chaos" in this country like the lying Democrats are spewing out of their mouths.

    The lying, corrupt, deviant, cheating, Democrats unleashed the chaos the moment Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower and when Pelosi RIPPED UP the State of Union Address. It has been nothing but chaos since, all cooked up by the Democrat party. They have gone to great lengths to stop him making our country great, and to stop him from uncovering all their back room dirty deeds.

    Russia Hoax, unleashing Covid, all mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, shutting down our schools, shutting down our businesses, BLM, Antifa, burning down cities and destroying property.

    Attacks on our law enforcement and border patrol.

    Leaving our military and veterans behind.

    Shutting down our freedom of speech. Blocking the vulgar Hunter laptop information as "disinformation" which was election interference because crooked Joe Biden would not have gotten the votes, which he did not get anyway due to massive cheating.

    Inflation, high gas prices, high cost of food, high taxes, high interest rates, unable to afford homes, cities destroyed through Fentanyl, homeless, feces, crime, theft, rape, murder, attacks, and free stuff.

    Toppling monuments, screaming in the streets protesting, blocking traffic, defacing buildings.

    Shutting down Keystone pipeline.

    Shutting down our fracking and natural gas.

    Political persecution of President Trump and election interference tying him up in lengthy bogus lawsuits.

    Disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    War in Ukraine and Russia.

    War in Israel and Palestine.

    War with the Houthis and Iran.

    Now caving into China to take over Taiwan.

    JOE BIDEN has handed our border over to corrupt Mexico and the terrorist drug cartel.

    Unleashing over 8 million illegal aliens from all over the world, full of infectious diseases, criminals, rapists, murderers, breeders, gangs, terrorists, and Cartel. All who are NOT vetted, not passed medical exams, and who are COACHED liars who do not qualify to step foot on our soil funded by corrupt United Nations, Churches, Soros, and NGOs, all of whom are funded with OUR tax dollars.


    The list is long what a failure and treasonous, corrupt, money laundering, sell-out Biden is. He is a domestic enemy to this great country and should be tried for a host of crimes including sedition and treason.

    We need a 10-year moratorium on all immigration and deport 50 million that include TPS, refugees, asylum, visa overstays, and illegal aliens WITH their offspring. We demand those programs are defunded and terminated immediately. They never leave!

    Executive Order to authorize law enforcement in every state to round them up and assist in processing for deportation. Use our Stadiums, our National Guard, and our military to transport them out of here. Our stadiums have bathrooms, showers, and food courts...use them, our tax dollars paid for them!

    If our military can fly unvetted, lying, "refugees" here, they can damn well be used to deport them. If our Coast Guard can expel them back to Cuba, Haiti, etc., then our military CAN be used to deport them out of here and expel them back to Canada or Mexico.

    Put our Marines on our northern and southern border to stop this unrelenting invasion of our country.

    We do not need "diversification"! Go diversify their damn countries.


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    your right beezer
    it not Trump doing at all Go to Scoop Larry king live & see why Trump ran for President - I never vote for Not until Trump was On scoop & like what had to say OBama had Our Country a mess - all other Country on The gravy train Money going our & None came Back - Obama hand Money over to IAn why Our gov never ask what was it for -Trump would never do that he know how to deal with other country & Obama don't know shit Obama had all the Illegal working In every Town In Pa - Our friend son was out of work for 6 year why Obama Our friend apply for work at kappa book in west Pittston pa this guy came out & said you will not get a job this company is pack with all illegal - & Trump Get in Our friend has & job - & Now look Joe win that was all fix - it Obama doing & all the Dem - all the judge are all Dem as well as Obama did say he would do what ever it take to get back in 2024 & that just what he doing look at all the state what happen -Our country was never like this Until Obama & Joe & the rest of all the Dem - so don't come & Pin this BS on Trump it all Obama & Joe & all the Dem doing they will do ever it take to get Trump Out well Guy I have new our Lord see all & hear all & he see what His world look like & he Piss & so Is our Bless Mother - so they have the Power not you ( Trump will be back Our lord on his side every step of the way)
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