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Thread: Chuck Schumer busted second time trying to break Senate rules for Amnesty

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    Chuck Schumer busted second time trying to break Senate rules for Amnesty

    Call this corrupt Democrat then share this notice by email, texts, and social media at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE)

    There is no low Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) won't stoop to. He is determined to pass Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens this year by hook or crook!

    Of course, he can do these disgusting unethical things from the deep blue state of New York, where the socialist totalitarians and identity voters applaud his skullduggery.

    But if we can stop his Amnesty 2021 legislation and fight our way into the 2022 mid-term elections, we may have a chance to make Chucky Schumer the national poster child for the Democrats.

    Today, we are happy to inform you that the Senate Parliamentarian has ruled Schumer's Amnesty Plan B also violates senate rules. This is another big win for our side!

    Please read, understand, utilize, and distribute this article to raise public awareness of Schumer's second rejection for breaking Senate rules!

    We just extended our targeted online ad campaigns against Amnesty with your help; now will you help us expand our ads to target Schumer at... ???

    Article that needs reads, comments, and shares...

    Senate Parliamentarian Shoots Down Schumer’s Second Bid to Include Amnesty in Reconciliation Bill

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    Kudos to Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough for continuing to do the right thing for our country. Shame on Senate Majority Leader Schumer for trying to force toxic amnesty on US citizens; he needs to resign yesterday!!
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