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Thread: Our push against Amnesty is working help us extend & expand!

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    Our push against Amnesty is working help us extend & expand!

    Each day that passes now... without the DC Amnesty plot advancing increases our chances of defeating Amnesty 2021! Keeps your calls going to lead the charge!

    The approaching 2022 elections combined with the public backlash against Democrat Senator efforts to break Senate rules to give Amnesty are both weighing against the invaders.

    ALIPAC's current four ad campaigns into the states where the most vulnerable Democrat Senators reside, is having an impact thanks to those of you who are volunteering and donating to make this effort possible.

    Our efforts and the calls against Amnesty we are generating, are having an impact against Amnesty and will also decrease the chances these Democrats are reelected next year. Can you imagine the impact when their DC and campaign staffers read these comments beneath our ads coming in from voters in their states?

    Unfortunately, our ad budget runs out tomorrow and our first order of business must be to extend these ads through Friday October 8th to keep those opposition calls coming in from their home states while the Senators are still in session and still under pressure from Shumer, Pelosi, and Biden to cheat nation-destroying legislative Amnesty into existence.

    Help ALIPAC extend and expand our targeted ad campaigns by contributing $10 or more at....

    You can also help as a volunteer (commenting, sharing, liking, & encouraging others to call) and see how impactful this effort is at the following link....

    Volunteer & Ad achieved stats at the time of this email

    Senator Mark Kelly D-AZ: 32,890 people reached, 2600 reactions, 972 shares, 751 comments

    Senator Catherine Masto D-NV: 19,003 people reached, 951 reactions, 409 shares, 233 comments

    Senator Maggie Hassan D-NH: 26,498 people reached, 1100 reactions, 615 shares, 418 comments

    Senator Ralph Warnock D-GA: 44,250 people reached, 4,300 reactions, 1400 shares, 1000 comments

    Our momentum will be broken if these ads stop due to apathy and a lack of funding. ALIPAC strategies have stopped legislative Amnesty many times since 2004 and today we need your help for the best chance for this new battle to be won. Please help at...
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    Everyone who lives in any of the states of the aforementioned Senators, please call them today and tell them that if they support amnesty, you will vote against them in 2022.
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