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    DACA Amnesty Bill Hits Monday! Volunteers & Donors Needed for Roy Moore

    Visit to View, Like, reply, and retweet to Judge Roy Moore's Tweet to @ALIPAC on Twitter that says, "I will always oppose amnesty for illegal aliens, and when I'm in the U.S. Senate, I'll fight to end #DACA NOW! #ALSen"

    Warning ALIPAC activists! Your response to the earlier e-mail today was too low for us to do what we need to do! Please understand that now, thanks to ALIPAC's federal candidate survey, if Roy Moore defeats Luther Strange in Alabama on Tuesday, we can use that as a lever to stop DACA Amnesty legislation in DC and rally many more pro-America anti-Amnesty candidates to run! Please fund our fight at

    The pro-Amnesty Chamber of Commerce just called for sellout lawmakers to move swiftly before we can mount our best defense against DACA Amnesty (View Source), and Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and James Lankford (R-Okla) are answering the Chamber's call with a DACA Amnesty bill next Monday! (View Source).

    Please spring into action!

    We need more funding at immediately if you want us to have any hope of stopping DACA Amnesty legislation or helping Roy Moore win his race Tuesday! We need a strong immediate response at...

    2. DONATE TO ROY MOORE FOR SENATE: The Roy Moore campaign also needs funds and volunteers. To donate in time to help them win on Tuesday, please use this link to Judge Moore's Donations page.

    3. VOLUNTEER FOR ROY MOORE FROM ANYWHERE IN AMERICA! The Moore campaign needs volunteers both on the ground in Alabama making calls and going door to door to GOTV (Get Out The Vote), and you can make calls from home from any state in America.

    The Moore campaign is generating large crowds all across the state (View Video) with conservative leaders coming in from all over to help! This is an exciting opportunity. If you are willing to help the Moore campaign as a volunteer in Alabama, driving in to help in Alabama, or making calls from home, then please e-mail Roy Moore's Volunteer Manager Maggie Harrell at

    Don't sit idle, ALIPACers! What you do between now and the next few days as a volunteer and donor could make the difference between Amnesty becoming law or being defeated by us again!

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
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