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    DC traitors are biggest threat to America's national security

    DC traitors are biggest threat to America's national security

    Election focus should be on Dem betrayals on crime & borders

    For National Release | August 15, 2022

    The Democrat-controlled media and 'woke police' in federal agencies are spinning another false narrative alleging angry Americans, who can be identified by their votes for Republicans, are the biggest threat to US national security.

    These corrupt federal employees and documents are feeding dangerous propaganda outlets like CNN and MSNBC in an effort to defame and demonize any American who would dare to oppose their America-wrecking political agenda.

    While it remains to be seen if any 'Trump voter" will cause significant damage or loss in reaction to the politicized FBI raid on Maralargo, the US remains gripped in a historic violent and property crime catastrophe that cannot be fully described or analyzed due to mainstream and social media censorship combined with unfilled vacancies in police departments and 911 call centers caused by the BLM, ANTIFA, Democrat, and Soros 'Defund the Police' movement which set off the crime wave prior to the pandemic.

    ALI-PAC points out that the left is using unchecked overzealous Executive Branch power to order the same federal law enforcement agencies that used taxpayer resources to buy thousands of assault and sniper rifles delivered to deadly Mexican cartels through Obama's Fast and Furious Gunrunner scandal to now target US citizens based on their creeds and voting behavior which violates both the Equal Protection Act and the

    These most recent efforts, by the deep state and left, to further politicize law enforcement and turn federal and local authorities against the innocent taxpayers of America are the greatest threat to national security and an example of the political driving forces behind vast numbers of innocent law enforcement officers and citizens being harmed in America EACH DAY!

    "The biggest threat to America's national security are the traitors in DC who have been compromised by foreign and special interests and are persecuting American citizens while simultaneously failing or refusing to protect our borders and citizens from invasion and enemies foreign and domestic." William Gheen, August 15, 2022.

    ALI-PAC is encouraging federal candidates and American voters to stay focused on the most important issues affecting our national and personal security which is the Democrat politicization of law enforcement, rampant crime, open-borders, and rampant illegal immigration.

    Democrat lawmakers have just passed a bill to fund the hiring and training of 87,000 armed IRS agents who will be deployed to go after US taxpayers. Ironically, the same morally and financially bankrupt federal government borrows to spend even more to illegally fund and facilitate an unprecedented number of illegal alien invaders despite the widespread loss of property and life these government actions cause.

    Illegal immigrants are expected to register and vote for Democrats to REPLACE disgruntled American voters in US elections and further the nation-building efforts of the globalists who are building a new nation over what once was the United States of America.

    For more information and documentation regarding non-citizen voters, illegal alien crimes and victims, and our government's failure to protect US citizens from invasion, please visit


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