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Thread: Demand the end of Catch and Release Policies now!

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    Demand the end of Catch and Release Policies now!

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    At the current new historic high level of illegal immigration occurring under President Trump's watch, the chances are high the Democrats will have enough illegal voters by 2020 to take full and permanent control of the USA.

    Yes, the Democrats and Soros are awful, but our focus has been and must be on Republicans and President Trump because they are the only ones who can stop this invasion and who might be pressured into stopping this invasion by American patriots like you.

    All across Facebook and Twitter, many Trump supporters are making excuses and pointing the fingers at activist judges and Democrats to excuse Trump's broken campaign promises, broken oath of office that requires him to protect all states from invasion, and his liberal policies on immigration such as Catch and Release and support for Amnesty bills (Trump backed Amnesty bills: Budget bill signed Feb. 15, 2019; HR 4760 endorsed in 2018; S. 874 which is currently supported).

    The good news is that it appears the Globalist agenda is being slowed and pushed back at this time by our activism and pressure campaigns! We must keep it up and intensify as more Americans join us to help push back!

    PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIVISM STEPS TODAY TO KEEP PUSHING BACK. The Democrats will not stop this invasion and the only ones that might be pressured into stopping it are Trump and GOP Senators.

    1. Please watch, understand, utilize, and circulate this new video interview on the topic--

    VIDEO: Why Trump Needs to End Catch Release Directive

    2. If you are fed up with our Border Patrol being ordered to help illegals waltz into America, then Like, Share, and make a supportive comment on these social media comments by ALIPAC President William Gheen on--


    "I'm fed up with President Donald J. Trump blaming Democrats, courts, & everyone else for his failure to do his job to protect America and Americans from invasion. The illegal immigration buck stops with Trump! Stopping and deporting illegals is now his job and responsibility, and he is failing us." -- William Gheen, President of April 10, 2019

    3. Call the White House and all GOP US Senators. Call, call, call, then write to say, "End Catch and Release policies! Oppose Dream Act Amnesty bill S. 874! Protect all States from invasion! The illegals swarming our borders will be voting Democrat in 2020! Put Kris Kobach or Joe Arpaio in charge of the border!"

    Keep the pressure up, ALIPACers!

    White House Contact
    202-456-1111 | 202-456-1414

    GOP Senators at this link--

    Fight back hard this week, Americans!

    The ALIPAC Team
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    Trump now wants to let more come here legally too.

    Trump doubles H-2B guest visa program, which brings many Mexican workers


    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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