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    He won us over and now he wants to lead us to our demise. It is time to tell the pied piper goodbye.

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    I think it is time to part ways as Mr. Dobbs says. I did notice that he said nothing about interior enforcement. Lastly he said that the "never once called for the deportation of illegal immigrants" then what does he expect us to do with them. He won't say they are unlawfully here and he keeps saying that he wants a "humane" (i.e. amensty) immigratin policy. Laslty he wouldn't say how he would put amnesty into effect. All he could say is he's for border control. I can't believe I ever thought he was on our side. I guess I only heard what I wanted to hear.

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    Cut Dobbs loose

    I was on record after first watching the Telemundo interview that Dobbs should be given a chance to explain and clarify.

    He has done so and it was as ALIPAC first feared, he is not a candidate that ALIPAC nor its supporters can support.

    Cut Dobbs loose. I will no longer pledge to donate any money to Lou Dobbs.

    William, you were immediately correct about Dobbs' position but I am glad you provided him an opportunity to clarify prior to withdrawing an endorsement for Mr. Dobbs.

    Lou is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is saying he is against unconditional amnesty but claims he opposed deportation of illegal aliens. Which is it? If you are that unable to articulate your position you are unqualified to lead.

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    I see no way we can support Lou Dobbs any longer, we must stand by our convictions, we have too much at stake....Our culture, the rule of law and America is far too much to give up.

    We have to continue the fight for our children, grandchildren and future generations of Amricans. It is our watch and our duty to fight for and protect the united States.

    If you are not for what is good for this country then you are against us (Americans), and I think Lou made it clear in his interview with William just where he now stands, he has that right, if that is what he believes, but ....there can be no compromise on this issue for us.

    We are too quickly headed to a 3rd world status and we have to remain steadfast in our convictions to not let this happen.

    How can we explain to our men and women in our armed forces all over the world that are fighting for our freedom and our country that we are not willing to fight on the home front to protect what they are willing to give up their lives for...We can't and we will not compromise.

    They have had several amnesties and they have gotten us where we are....the corruption and insanity has to stop.

    If we lose a few Lou Dobbs on the way....SO BE IT!!
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    I didn't listen to much, it's obvious Lou has changed his tune, he now denies things I have personally heard him say numerous times. To say I am disappointed and was misled is putting it mildly. I will never support him again and request that ALIPAC stop as well. He sounds like John McCain and Teddy Kennedy, still almost unbelievable.

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    William,you did a great job In the Interview,and I have a suggestion for the next time that you talk to him.... You might want to let him know that the MAJORITY of the people that have followed him religiously because of his stance on Illegal Immigration while he was on CNN will be the ones voting AGAINST HIM If he runs for political office. I already withdrew my support for him on the Presidential website,and he Is committing political suicide by aligning himself with any form of AMNESTY. Obama was elected because of the WHITE VOTE,not the hispanic vote. If he thinks that by supporting hispanics on this Issue Is the ticket to public office,then I submit that he Is making a very grave miscalculation... TS

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    W, great job with the interview. What Lou Dobbs calls ideological purity I call having principles.

    Dobbs is now firmly in the "Secure The Borders First" camp. My impression is that he wants us to believe that he'd never support a mass amnesty because our ports and borders will never be secure enough for that to happen. Sorry, I'm not going to play that game. If you don't say what you mean or if you expect me to accept lies of expediency, you've got another thing coming.

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    Welcome to Alipac jonotn. Thank you for your comment about the recent interview with Lou Dobbs and William of Alipac. We must continue to let our politicians and anyone talking amnesty know, that the American people will not support any candidates who attempt to further erode our nation, and to take our jobs, while rewarding those who disrespect our borders with amnesty.

    Psalm 139:14
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Well I must say, I was hoping for something better. All Lou did in this interview was spin, spin, spin, just like a politician. He still hasn't been specific about the conditions under which he would grant a "path to legalization" but continues to repeat the buzz words "rational, effective, and humane" when referring to the immigration policy he would support. I'm really disappointed in Lou Dobbs to say the least, and I certainly don't feel I can trust him now.
    Open Borders And Mass Amnesty

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    Typical Politician

    It just goes to show you how easily and quickly ego and power corrupt. Even the promise of future power as Lou runs for public office, and potentially the highest office in the land.

    Lou has always been very outspoken against illegal immigrants--using very harsh language on his CNN show. It's almost laughable that he now wants to be a "champion" of the people who watch Telemundo! He actually believes that they will want to be his friend. It reminds me of Obama naively reaching out to countries with insane leaders such as Iran and North Korea. "Please, everyone please like me! Let's shake on it and just be friends." Message Received: WEAKNESS.

    As outspoken as Lou Dobbs has been against illegal immigration, he really is not that elloquent. William was much more well-spoken and convincing during Lou's radio show. I personally don't think he is suitable for the White House--especially now with his betrayal of ALIPAC.

    He doesn't get it. So drop him like a bad habit.

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