Bad news folks! Our fund raising response is far too low for us to do any work on our primary mission right now. We have only 6 days left till our final deadline of Sunday Feb 28, 2016 which is when the decision will be made whether ALIPAC continues to fight illegal immigration or we fold and announce our permanent closure date.

At the current level of funding, ALIPAC must shut down forever in early March. We must receive immediate donations to have any hope of raising our minimum operations budget of $32,000 to last us until June of this year!

Act Now To Sustain ALIPAC's Operations against illegal immigration & Amnesty backing politicians at...

We are also receiving bad news that a lot of GOP voters are deciding to forget about or forgive Marco Rubio for passing the illegal alien amnesty bill in 2013 that ALIPAC has spent the last 3 years successfully fighting to stop from reaching Obama's desk!

Rubio's nation destroying amnesty bill will become a reality if he wins the GOP nomination which would assure that we end up with either an illegal alien amnesty backing Democrat or Republican in the White House once again. Super Tuesday will be here next week, but we cannot take actions against Rubio unless we get your support back right away!

Act Now to Help ALIPAC go after Rubio before Super Tuesday

We have a line of candidates waiting for our endorsement and help. We have existing candidates running right now against amnesty supporters in Congress like Eric Cantor and John McCain, but we cannot come to their aid or do much more to help them right now due to a lack of funds.

Act Now To Help ALIPAC Back the Insurgent Candidates running to give you a choice against amnesty for illegals

We are underfunded and understaffed as it is. There are no staffers or services left that can be cut and still expect to have a functioning and influential national organization fighting for your here at

Time to either get in the fight or watch us go down fighting without you.

Many thanks to those of you that have already rallied to our aid. We pray more Americans will follow your brave and dedicated example soon.

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
(866) 703-0864

PS: Rubio just told the media that "Nobody Cares Anymore" about his Gang of Eight bill. Please prove him wrong by going to this link right away to donate by mail, debit card, credit card, or Paypal as you prefer...