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Thread: Google Corporation Targets ALIPAC In Effort To Influence US Elections & Amnesty Bills

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    Google Corporation Targets ALIPAC In Effort To Influence US Elections & Amnesty Bills

    Google Corporation Targets ALIPAC Again In Effort To Influence US Elections & Legislation

    April 20, 2017

    While it is illegal for corporations to try to influence US Elections, policies, or legislation unless they take action through a Political Action Committee registered and regulated by the Federal Elections Commission; Google has once again targeted Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) in an effort to unfairly influence elections and policies.

    ALIPAC is considering lawsuits and complaints to the FEC about these actions by Google. While ALIPAC will continue to try to use Google search engine and Youtube to reach audiences, but is canceling all other Google products such as Adwords, Analytics, Google+, etc...

    On March 25, 2017, ALIPAC received e-mails stating that the following videos uploaded to the ALIPAC1 Youtube account owned by Google would not allow monetization numerous videos based on their political content.

    Then on March 30th, Google permanently shut down ALIPAC's Adsense account to deprive the organization of online ad funds needed for website costs and operations. Google had already reduced the amount paid for ads on from $10,000 per year to barely $1,000 per year between 2015 and 2016.

    The following videos were denied monetization based on their contents warning US citizens about the lawmakers supporting illegal immigration and many of the national and personal threats posed by illegal immigration.


    "We didn't approve your video(s) for monetization because the content in your video(s) or video details may not be advertiser-friendly. If you believe that the content in your video is advertiser-friendly, you can request an additional review below:

    Please note that review times may vary, and YouTube reserves the right to make the final decision whether to monetize a video. All videos are subject to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and may be removed from the site if they don't meet those standards.

    Thanks, The YouTube Team

    "It has become painfully clear to us over the years that the global corporations of Google, Facebook, and Twitter have all become political combatants on immigration issues and elections. These Silicon Valley Robber Barons are using their corporations to exert secretive and stealthy suppression of American civil rights in an attempt to sway US elections, lawmakers, and public opinion," said Wiliam Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "While we respect the right of any company to conduct business their own way, these companies are harming Americans and America's interest in fair debates and elections by targeting ALIPAC and many individuals, activists, and organizations based on their political views, creed, national origin and perhaps even demographic characteristics. We would not allow Walmart or Lowes to treat American customers differently or offer disparate prices or services based on a customer's race, gender, or political views. The same should be true for these Silicon Valley companies that are mistreating their customers in secretive ways based upon our political views."

    This is not the first time Google has struck a blow against And others face similar mistreatment from Google. On April 17, 2017 Infowars reported that their site was under attack by a secretive Google program! (View Report)

    ALIPAC has also documented Google artificially adjusting search engine results to suppress content from and positive news reports about William Gheen and ALIPAC, while elevating content from pro-amnesty left with smear groups like PFAW, Right Wing Watch, and others.

    On Sunday January 15, 2012, Google allowed one of their employees or a pro-amnesty hacktivist access to ALIPAC's Youtube account ALIPAC1 where more than 100 anti-illegal immigration videos were deleted. These videos represented more than 5 years of work and effort by ALIPAC and had been viewed more than 4 million times! These important videos were linked to by media websites such as CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News. Despite ALIPAC's certified letters to Google, national press releases, calls, e-mails, faxes, and inquiries by media and congressional staffers, Google refused to ever answer ALIPAC's request to restore the videos and account in any way.

    ALIPAC would like to locate attorneys willing to file class action lawsuits against Google, Facebook, and Twitter on behalf of all Americans that value free speech and US elections not being manipulated by left-wing, pro-Amnesty, Democrats like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google, and Jack Dorsey of Twitter.

    ALIPAC contends these powerful corporations are abusing their power to manipulate US policies and elections by stealthily sabotaging Americans oppose illegal immigration and immigration reform amnesty.

    For more information and documentation of Google, Facebook, and Twitter abusing American citizens by using techniques not specifically mentioned in their Terms of Service, or to schedule interviews please visit or call (919) 787-6009.

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    Google takes it upon their selves to sensor the internet. What next?

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