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Thread: GOP Has Three Major Hurdles To Overcome in Today's Midterm Election

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    GOP Has Three Major Hurdles To Overcome in Today's Midterm Election

    GOP Has Three Major Hurdles To Overcome in Today's Midterm Election

    For National Release | November 6, 2018

    Vote and share this release/meme by e-mail and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    (Raleigh, NC) The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( is warning all Republican candidates, lawmakers, and voters that there are three major unaddressed influences at work against Republicans in today's midterm elections.

    ALIPAC hopes that Republicans will get a chance to address these issues as a majority party, yet warns that losing majorities in the US House and Senate may become permanent conditions due to these same hindrances.

    The three major hurdles are...

    -- Left-wing Silicon Valley corporations targeting, censoring, and suppressing conservative base activists and voters to sway the outcome of elections.

    -- Vast numbers of non-citizens registering and voting Democrat because there are no safeguards to prevent such foreign influence and exploitation of US elections.

    -- Demoralized Republican voters who are dismayed by Republican failures to end unconstitutional DACA Amnesty, failure to build a border wall, and focus on passing Amnesty bills for illegal aliens.

    "Republicans had a two-year window where they could have cracked down on illegal immigration, illegal voters, and the efforts of Silicon Valley corporations like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to take control of US elections by sandbagging conservatives, but they failed to act in 2017 and 2018," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "They may get one more chance to fix these problems or the window may close on them permanently as the Democrats gain permanent dominance of US elections and laws through non-citizen voters and social media meddling in elections on their behalf."

    Many potential GOP voters are also aware that despite GOP efforts to blame Democrats for the illegal alien caravans approaching America's border, the new larger caravans of illegals were inspired by President Trump allowing the first caravan into the US earlier this year.

    While Trump recently told the media he had ended the catch and release policy for illegals (View Video), instead catch and release continues. (View Source)

    While Republicans have received a late minute boost from President Trumps renewed pledge to end birthright citizenship for illegals, which was originally made in 2015, many Republican base voters are still doubtful these campaign promises will manifest.

    Republican lawmakers and candidates can only promise to address and stop illegal immigration so many times and then betray their base by trying to pass the same kind of Amnesty bills the Democrats, illegal aliens, banks, and Chamber of Commerce want in DC before conservative voters become permanently disillusioned and demoralized as imported voters replace them in US jobs, educational institutions, and elections.

    ALIPAC hopes that Republican candidates and lawmakers will stop pursuing politically suicidal Amnesty legislation and address the very real problems of Silicon Valley Censorship, non-citizen voters, and the damage done to GOP base voters by Amnesty legislation efforts.

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    Fox News just called the US House of Representatives has been won by the Democrats.

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    Fox News better be wrong about this, or we're doomed.
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