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    Illegal alien tries to kill Trump & 5 year old gang raped by Syrians refugees

    Aid our efforts to fight back by Sharing, Liking, and commenting on this meme on Facebook (click here) or Twitter (here)

    While ALIPAC cannot respond with activism efforts due to our struggling efforts to get more of our supporters to donate before our organization collapses forever in 9 days (contribute now click here), we can make sure you are all informed that:

    1. An illegal alien just tried to murder Donald Trump in Las Vegas (click for more info); and 2. The patriots of Twin Falls, Idaho, are fighting against censorship and cover ups in the case of a 5 year old child who was gang raped at knife point and urinated on by Syrian refugee kids! (Click for more info.) (Click for video.)

    We are very appreciative to those of you who donated $158 of the $1,000 in matching funds offered by a donor yesterday, but unfortunately this RESPONSE RATE IS FAR TO LOW! At this pace, apathy, confusion, and division inspired by the propaganda of those destabilizing America is prevailing while our operations falter.


    The choice is yours!

    Will you...

    A. Remain among the 95% of our free email alert recipients and social media page supporters who either don't see these messages or who see them and go on without responding to our calls for help? (We spent so many years and so much money organizing you together in this fight, and hope you will take action as we request.)


    B. Fight back by stepping up to support ALIPAC!?!?! Step up to help us fight the hatred being organized to harm us all, like the people who are trying to kill Trump. That kind of hatred has been directed at the author of this email as well because of our efforts to stop this aggression and save lives.

    Immediate strong donations are needed from the many thousands of you we have organized on these lists. We only have 9 days left to raise $16,000!

    Please make your donation to help us IMMEDIATELY at...
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