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    illegal caravan arriving while we return to basics

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Unfortunately, the large caravan of hundreds of illegal aliens will be arriving sometime today through Tuesday, and ALIPAC is going to have to stand down on our border protest plan called American Shield.

    The caravan will likely present themselves at a border entry point and quickly be escorted into the US at taxpayer expense and swiftly dispersed to the interior by our own government, Catholic charity groups, and Soros backed organizations.

    This breach of America's border will be broadcast around the world to billions of potential future illegal aliens that there are not major changes in US immigration and border defenses a year and a half after Trump took office. This story combined with the breaking news from Breitbart on the right and Washington Post on the left that over 100,000 illegals have been released among us under Trump's catch and release program could set off an unprecedented avalanche of illegals, unlike anything American has seen before!

    ALIPAC cannot proceed with our countermeasure border protest called American Shield for the following reasons--

    1. We cannot reach the border in time with American caravans to oppose or counter the illegal alien caravan.

    2. We did not receive enough interest from alternative media sources like Breitbart or World Net Daily to help us test the waters and generate support for American Shield. We did our best to pique their interest in our countermeasure but had no success and no mentions.

    3. We did not receive enough volunteer and donor response to support a new border protest that would have cost our organization more than $5,000 when we have experienced a huge drop in donations under Trump in 2017. Additionally, we have already conducted one special operation into Washington, DC, with our new Barometer poll to stop the Amnesty bills earlier this year! The response rate from our supporters was simply too low to fund operation American Shield.

    At ALIPAC, we pass the hat for our next phase of operations and whether we can proceed or not depends on your response levels. In the case of American Shield, we simply do not have the finances to conduct the operation.

    4. We are receiving reports that Speaker Paul Ryan is leaving office so he will have no reelection to worry about as he makes a new push to pass Amnesty for illegals before he leaves! This news, combined with reports that many of ALIPAC's key endorsed candidates such as Rep. Dave Brat, Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, Rep. Walter Jones and others are under a new level of threat in their districts, means we need to reconfigure ALIPAC to fight Amnesty in DC again and rally our supporters to our essential members of Congress who are the only voices in DC who stand with us!

    We wish we could be the ones to attempt to shut down the new, unprecedented Trump inspired avalanche of illegals surging on our border, and we will gladly support another organization that wants to take point on such an operation, but we must redirect and circle the wagons at this point!

    Here is ALIPAC's New Focus:

    1. Immediately provide details about the new threats to ALIPAC Endorsed candidates in 2018 coming from the left and RINO Republicans, and deploy as many volunteers and donors to their aid.

    2. Rally support and funds for long-overdue critical updates and repairs to the website that have been neglected for years due to lean funding. We have put off a lot of critical issues that should no longer be ignored. It is time for us to patch up, fix up, polish up, and improve for the first time in years.

    3. Prepare and organize ALIPAC activists to fight against the new Amnesty push by Paul Ryan and the DC establishment. Their push for Amnesty is fueling the surge of illegals on our borders and demoralizing conservative voters who are becoming less likely to show up in 2018 elections because of Republican efforts to help the left pass Amnesty.

    Fix the website's critical problems, rally around the candidates we've invested years of funds and labor support, and prepare to fight Amnesty a second time in DC!

    We are so thankful for each of you out there receiving and reading our alerts and taking some action to fight at our side on these issues of personal and national security and survival.

    While we cannot lead you to the border to confront the new surge of illegals, we stand ready to support someone balanced who can.

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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