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    Illegal immigration fighting PAC fires final attack ad on Paul Ryan

    Illegal immigration fighting PAC fires final attack ad on Paul Ryan

    August 5, 2016

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC | | (866) 703-0864

    ALIPAC is announcing and launching the organization's honed message via a new and final attack ad today that will reach Wisconsin voters via radio ads, automated calls, online ads, and volunteer calls!

    After the initial operations gained a lot of attention and ground last week, the new message is more concise, hard hitting, and shows promise converting Paul Ryan supporters over to Paul Nehlen voters when shared by ALIPAC's volunteers. ALIPAC's volunteers are attempting to call 25,000 GOP households in Wisconsin CD 1 using a list that is modeled after the targets used to successfully defeat Eric Cantor in 2014!

    ALIPAC's volunteers have helped defeat Eric Cantor, stopped amnesty legislation in Washington, DC, several times, and prevented state level immigration laws that would provide in-state tuition & licenses for illegals in more than 25 states!

    ALIPAC's New and Final Ad against Paul Ryan can be viewed here (Click To View).

    The new concise message is...

    "This is an important warning for all Republican voters in Wisconsin. Please be advised that your member of Congress, Lyin Paul Ryan, has been backing Obama’s dangerous illegal alien and Muslim refugee resettlement plans. Paul Ryan’s support for Obama is why there are so many Muslim refugees and illegal aliens in your towns and cities that are being supported by your tax dollars. On election day Aug 9, please vote to defeat Paul Ryan. (Paid for by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.)"

    ALIPAC's earlier ad titled, "Fire Lyin Paul Ryan to stop Obama's Amnesty on Aug 9, 2016" was well received by Wisconsin voters and has been targeted into Ryan's district, reached at least 47,000 people, of which 27,000 watched the whole ad. (Click to view.)

    "Our goal is to channel every dollar we can raise and every volunteer we can rally into direct voter contact in Paul Ryan's district using this accurate, effective, and concise message," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "If enough voters in Wisconsin's 1st district receive this information, understand it and believe it, then Paul Ryan will fall because the vast majority of Americans reject what Ryan has really been doing in DC with his ally Obama!"

    While ALIPAC is racing to develop new and more effective strategies to throw corrupt incumbents like Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor out of office, the Ryan campaign has hired specialist to help him avoid a repeat of Eric Cantor's downfall. Thus, Paul Ryan is hiding and refusing to acknowledge his challenger Paul Nehlen exists and is refusing interview requests from talk radio show hosts, CNN, Fox News etc...

    To schedule interviews or learn more about ALIPAC's efforts to defeat Speaker Paul Ryan and elect Paul Nehlen, who's promised to enforce our existing immigration laws, please visit

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    William, I saw this reported on Gateway Pundit.
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