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Thread: Immigration reform Amnesty & gun rights

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    Immigration reform Amnesty & gun rights

    While many of our subscribers have been with ALIPAC for more than a decade, we also have many new folks who have joined since Trump first ran for President in 2016!

    We are very thankful for our new supporters, and there are some basics we need to make sure everyone understands. Please read the following 4 items carefully and share them widely to warn others about illegal immigration, immigration reform, Amnesty, hidden information, and elitist plans to curtail gun rights.

    Immigration Reform Equals Amnesty

    1. The term "Immigration Reform" equals Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. We know this because every single immigration reform bill in Washington ALIPAC has helped defeat since 2004 has contained Amnesty for illegal aliens. So when you hear a politician say they support or want Immigration Reform, it means they want Amnesty for millions of illegals.

    Republicans won't use the word Amnesty

    2. Almost zero Republican candidates will tell you they support Amnesty. This is because they know that admitting they support Amnesty for illegals will end their career. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) admitted he supported immigration reform Amnesty for illegals and actually used the word Amnesty.

    By uttering the word Amnesty, Cantor was defeated by GOP primary challenger Dave Brat in a landslide although Cantor outspent Brat by a factor of 20 to 1. This is because more than 80% of GOP voters oppose immigration reform/Amnesty for illegals.

    Information Is Power: How to access the info they want to hide

    3. Google and other Silicon Valley robber barons are doing all they can to hide the information we have at from you and the rest of the world. You are lucky you found us, and we are lucky we found you.

    We have to work extra hard fighting uphill battles each day to find Americans like you and work to organize you all into donors, volunteers, and supported activists fighting against illegal immigration and Amnesty.

    You will find a search feature at you should be able to use with your phone, tablet, or desktop.

    You can also see Tags on many of our posts, and if you click on these tags, you will see more information on that topic. Most of our email alerts and press releases will have blue links that take you to tags or articles with more information.

    You can access any tag at ALIPAC by typing the following web address into your browser with the term you seek.
    Examples: reform/ mo brooks/

    Immigration Reform & Gun Control Come From Same Globalist Power Groups

    4. ALIPAC's focus is on immigration issues, not gun rights, although a large majority of our supporters are gun owners and/or Second Amendment supporters.

    The reason we are telling you about gun rights is that in the 15 years we have been holding the globalist legislative agenda at bay in most states and in DC, we have read many articles and white papers created by the power groups behind the illegal alien invasion of America like the on Foreign Relations (CFR).

    The CFR and other illegal immigration supporting groups have made it clear that open-borders, global and regional governance over America, Amnesty for illegals, and full gun confiscation are their top agenda items.

    Ten years ago, we watched them debate whether to go for immigration reform Amnesty or gun control first, and they decided to do immigration first so they could then hire immigrants to help with the gun seizures.

    Talk about a job Americans won't do!

    When the US Congress returns from their summer break in a few weeks, you are going to hear a lot of talk and a push for both "immigration reform" and "gun reform."


    The same power groups and politicians behind both immigration reform Amnesty and new gun laws are one and the same, and all are working on the same elitist plans to turn America into an open borders totalitarian state under the rule of evil men like George Soros.

    Thank you for standing with us in this cause to save America, to buy as much time for Americans and American freedoms as possible, and to save every life, tax dollar, job, and election we can from the illegal alien invasion and overthrow of our homeland.

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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